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The biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in our lifetime. When you have the upper echelon of the FBI and the DOJ, and we're getting close, I'm betting a lot of these people are going to be indicted. Now, we learned that the top council at the FBI said they auto indict Hillary. Call me and company with struck writing the exoneration in may before the investigation, even really begins. In other words, they rigged that case they fixed it for her. Yes. Barraged act obstruction that they literally warned by Bruce or an August. The two thousand sixteen don't trust this dossier. It's paid for by Clinton put together by a Trump hater by the name, Christopher Steele. And also warning. It's not verified a corroborated. Then in October. They use it still not verified. They don't tell the judge Hillary paid for the FIS accord judges that's fraud against the court. It didn't happen. Once it happened. Four times in three month increments with renewal applications, and then they allowed and even leaked members of the intelligence community leaking the propaganda to poke friendly journalists why to disseminate the Russian paid for LIZA Hillary, so that will influence the election in two thousand sixteen with Russian lies paid for by Hillary sound familiar. They ignore it. All. And then even worse the insurance policy the people that call Trump loathsome that said that he should lose one hundred billion zero. You realize that is an attempt to steal an election. Followed up by an attempt to undo an election. Unseat a duly elected. President. That's a problem and the media ignores all that. In their pursuit. They're all now quickly. Well, it may not be what you think the Muller report here on them all say it. Let me tell you what I'm gonna do that report comes out as I suspect only innuendo and no facts. No, no collusion. I am going to ram their words right down their throat. I'm gonna go back for two years, and I'm gonna pull up every single solitary false report that they made. Talk about fake news. What a disservice to the country that your hate Trump mob medium mentality. Literally, transcends any sense of real journalism. It's pathetic. And, you know, at least in the nNcholas salmon case, there's gonna be Justice. Trust me. I guarantee I can almost guarantee it Lynn woods Kanna get paid. Most of his life. I mean. Richard Jewell was never the same. Again, told more of that story later, I told it last night on TV. Print media Cable News Network news Hollywood. There's gonna be a thousand lawsuits filed. In knowing Lynn, he's gonna file them. All. They had easy access to confirm the store. They didn't do it. You know, it's, you know, one of the reasons I don't give a rip with these people ever think of me. And I have him for many many years is because five followed them. I'd be wrong. All the time. Why I say you being a talk show host. I'm honest about what I do. I'm I'm a member of the press, we do straight reporting. I can produce hundreds of hours TV radio. I do investigative reporting. In other words, Obama and his radical friends. I give factual information that the media doesn't give out his failed record after eight years. They didn't do any of that. We also do opinion. We also do sports Tim tebow's coming on her a couple of days. But we're like the whole newspaper part of the press. We do it all we say, we do it all were honest and upfront they say they're going to be objective. They are anything but objective. And as I dig in deeper all of this culminates in one huge conclusion. Journalism is dead. These people ought to be embarrassed. Maybe they don't like the president's style. That's fine. Are you gonna talk about the five point three million new jobs ever? The every record in the economy would take me the full hour to global all the promises..

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