President Trump, Joe Kernen, China discussed on The Larry Kudlow Show


I understand mr minutes kinda got caught up in some rhetoric um fumbling around for bed but president trump in an interview with us nbc joe kernen who made it very clear i think he covered the dollar he said look we are in favour gobert drawn dr and he said the dollar's is going to get stronger and stronger you know as the american economy continued to improve did that allay your concerns noelbaker that you're more candid woman neutral throughout your role backpedalling mnuchin themselves even back told his comments from trump reinforce that but let's be ours we are in currency wars with china which dragged each argue is very displeased with that comment from a nation soldiers continued race to the pace it's going on it and this is real um at the jazz fans your bruin at there as you read it you know i think it's too early to tell maybe maybe not um you know i think the weak dollar comments uh you know everybody is one of the week doller regardless of administration and regardless of period wait we um and so i don't think he said anything that was that outrageous a really unusual uh he just just the fact that he's set it i guess was unusual but policywise this is often surprising there i i think the risk is that you know when you have trade tariffs that were slapped on a couple of products this week that's against trade that could hurt us companies etc and so i guess in theory if you want to mitigate that you would talk down the dollar to potentially help on the other side while you while you manager trade expectations awhile you negotiate trade agreements or whatever to give yourself push it in case you have negative effects from your trade negotiations so looking forward that something that i'm kind of paying attention so look the master of this was a democrat robert rubin treasury secretary under president bill clinton and rubens the guy who coined the phrase he's old bond guy understood markets he said uh strong us dollars in the national interest.

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