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I guess has been on the show before when he was promoting the documentary cocaine Cowboys a few years ago, his thirty for thirty on the u is some mossy stuff so is screwball. The documentary film about the biogenesis scandal from his native, Miami, Florida. Good to see you Billy Corgan. How are you brother? I'm great. Thanks. So let's get into this thing right here. This documentary is about the Tony Bosch scandal. That got a rod a year's suspension. Manny Ramirez got popped and milky Cabrera got popped. Why did you make this documentary? Billy actually in November of two thousand thirteen we were pitched by Alex Rodriguez. Okay. So this you're laughing already at that. What? Okay. 'cause they can this documentary is not very what's the word for. It's not very complimentary to Alex Rodriguez getting an invitation to the wedding. If that's what you mean. Right. Yeah. But it's also extremely accurate. It's all very true. It's all exactly how it happened. I mean, the stories are being told by Tony Bosch or Dr Tony Bosch. Quotes who is the one who is at the center of all of this. And his dad was the one who was writing the prescriptions for these drugs and an also the fellow Puerto Fisher who was the one who leaked the documents, so whistle blower, the whistle blower, and these guys are telling the story from their own first person and your unique way in which you you have them tell their stories we'll get to in a second. But this is absolutely straight from the horse's mouth that we're seeing right here. Yeah. Person. Why did Alex Rodriguez pitch you this idea in November of two thousand thirteen he was in the midst of the arbitration with MLB he was the only one of the players involved in the biogenesis scandal that appealed his suspension? I guess why not what do you have to lose? It was the longest suspension in the history of the game. So no eleven games went for it. And so each a break from that arbitration and came down to his office in Coral Gables in the suburbs, very affluent suburb of Miami where the university of Miami's actually located Alex Rodriguez field is located and his public. Hit me up and said, Alex would like to meet with you to discuss the possibility of doing a tell all documentary, and I was like hell, yeah. I'll take that meeting. I thought we were gonna do it real hush. Hush quiet at his office. And it turns out they wanted to meet us on a weekday at high noon at the most popular restaurant in town like the power lunch. Spot of Coral Gables, which is like two miles from UM, which it any anywhere. I'm gonna get recognized because of the documentaries. It's going to be place that proximity to UM. And so it was very clear that my producing partner Alfred spellman, and I attended that event as like pawns in Alex's kind of PR offensive against MLB at the time. You remember it was like they were in a battle of the legacies and Alex. Yeah. There is a a whole story about how the protesters outside were actually paid for by Alex Rodriguez on earth that was ever absolutely mentored. Okay. So yeah. And it was it was ugly. There was no other way to describe it. I think initially baseball has become like, I think everything else in American life, including politics. It's the WWE and back when bud C-league the steroid Commissioner was on his way out the door on the eve of his retirement was kind of like, well, maybe I should do something about this. Now that this scandal has erupted in two thousand thirteen he talks to his second command. Rob Manfred says let's look like we're doing something about this. So they come down to Miami had this farcical investigation that involves the MLB investigators. They have like this internal FBI of like former cops they go. They sleep with a former nurse of Tony Bosch at one of his clinics. They're paying people off they got a slush fund of one hundred twenty five thousand grand that they're buying stolen medical records in a diner from convicted felon. The whole thing is just utter. Utterly absurd. And then they nail Alex because what bigger scalp can you get? And then bud retires. Rob Manfred takes over and he goes, well, what's the story line? Now, what better than to make a he'll a hero and bring back not only a-rod, but but Charlie hustle to the game to become commentators and Pete Rose in who's out there anymore, of course. But like work, I mean, it's the bottom line company. And it's a brilliant storyline. Are you saying major league baseball was orchestra has orchestrated? To to well, what used to be two fifths of the people on the set of FOX baseball. Is that what you're saying? I'm saying that it's it's awfully convenient. And it's awfully brilliant. I think Alex is spectacularly good at that job, his hustle at all. And so he's he's earned that position. He certainly lightened up. He's a lot funnier. A lot more self effacing. I'm certainly more. So than the guy net for lunch in two thousand thirteen who was in a battle for his life. His legacy his career his livelihood. And he spent an hour hour and a half just lying, right? Your faces about everything ever meeting. Tony Bosch ever cheating or using performance enhancing drugs at that stage of his career. It was a pretty wild meeting and needless to say after that we didn't hear back much from them. I was gonna ask you Bill. The director of screwball about the biogenesis scandal. Again in theaters Friday and numerous streaming platforms the following Friday after that, well, how did the meeting with Iran finish up? I mean, what happened just more lies, basically? And so we walked away. I thought he was a fascinating guy really fragile guy a sensitive guy at the time not much of a sense of humor or sell any sense of self awareness. But I thought what a compelling character to be able to examine to interview. And I emailed them for the next six seven eight months, the the arbitration resolve in January of two thousand fourteen he got a sentence reduction if he will but still a season long suspension. And so by the middle of two thousand fourteen it seemed obvious that they were not really interested in participating in an interview or documentary. And and why not at the strategy has paid off this whole kind of head in the sand ignored. And it'll go away strategy has certainly worked for them. I think it's one of the most remarkable. Image rehabilitations in the history of public relations. It's not just that though. I mean, he had he did come out. And when he did show back up with the with the Yankees, he came out and threw himself basically on on the the sword. I mean, he did come out and give a complete total mayor culpa. He went made fun of himself on the stage of the SP's. I mean, he has had as you pointed out, you said, no sense of humor about himself or anything like that. He has seen to take a total reverse pivot on how he has portrayed himself or how he has taken on what he did. Absolutely. Who who? Okay, you taking. Much of a mayor culpa, Tori. I didn't really acknowledge what he did. Or didn't do what he lied about. The other players like Ryan Braun that he threw under the bus that his camp deliberately leaked in order to take some of the attention away from him in the thick of the scandal. I don't think he really fessed up to it. I don't think did he ask you. I mean, obviously doesn't have to. But I'm just saying I don't think he really did any kind of a comprehensive apology our discussion about I think how profoundly disappointing it was for legions of of young kids who look up to these athletes as heroes and role models. So then somebody who did speak with him when he was at a low point. Yeah. And then as you point out, you think you were used as a prop or used in a certain way, particularly on totally cool with that name right in page six. Thank you. Thank you. She was publicised. This is all just setting up the the ultimate question. And I think a lot of fans are wondering hearing this. If they already weren't wondering it to begin with who's the Alex Rodriguez that we're seeing today, I think a liberated man I think this was a guy who was kind of trapped by his own kind of failed persona in baseball. Who was booed by fans in baseball, never really a beloved pop culture figure a guy who was almost in a way, liberated when he hit rock bottom in this scandal. And now feels free to I hope this him. Meaning like, I think maybe that this is the, you know, the person he was always supposed to be always wanted to be but felt constrained by fame and fortune. And of course, when you're generating that kind of revenue over four hundred million dollars over a career, you have so many people around you who rely on you. And so you don't really have a chance to kind of free yourself and go out in public and feel like you can joke around. And just be you. And I think I think it's liberating for someone to be out of the game. Like the only game. He's the only thing he's ever known. The only thing he's ever been told these good at and the interesting thing about screwball as it turns out. It's not about Alex Rodriguez. Don't tell him that. But it's not about a rod. It's about these bizarre Elmore. Leonard Carl hyacinth almost Coen brothers esque characters to create way to put an habit. This only in Miami kind of world, and it's the weirdest birdcage I've ever seen. Bizarre. And you can't make it up because it's it's it's nonsense. Family.

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