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Programs. Offer visit online dot Stevenson dot e d u Here is the latest weather forecast from NewsRadio 700. W L Judge. Wow Is it beautiful outside this morning temperatures in the mid fifties under a clear sky, and we're only warming to 77 this afternoon as more clouds building for a few hours tonight, though, well clear back out down to 55 degrees, and then Friday, mostly sunny conditions are in, if not only clear sky, but your high only ends up at 78 from your severe weather. Station I'm nine first warning. Meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark NewsRadio 700 WLW Screen's clear this morning. No rain in sight. It's 60 degrees are next updates at 6 30. Brian Combs, NewsRadio 700 WLW Fresh is big boy Home of burgers, breakfast and big boy. Young, young young sounds good right about mouth Burger for breakfast. Seven after six o'clock in the morning. 700 wlw too. Mr Bellenger standing by to talk about the markets and stuff like that Jennifer catch Mark is also sustainable back layout that weekend weather for us and see what's going on. What do you call Jeff? The producer, a group of zebras. What is a group of Z as in a school of fish, a gaggle, a herd of cattle, a gaggle, he says. It is a dazzle. Dazzle of zebras, Prince George's County, which is Marilyn, near the nation's capital. And some get loose six zebras, which make up a dazzle. Living in the field in upper Marlboro. People called police saying they see zebras outside. Was an incident back at the end of August, where Zebra was running across the road in front of the vehicle, so somebody's not doing a good job containing their zebras. So the family saw three zebras in their backyard, called 311 reported what they saw. The mother, Alexis read curling. To tell the call taker. She had not been drinking, nor had she taken any drugs and the zebras really are in the backyard..

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