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They are widely regarded as some of the bus while castro compositions of the baroque era my preference however had been pitches at an exhibition by ms leslie or the moldau by smut now well we settled on the buck brandenburg concerto number three in g major as boc was the most recognizable name so what do they have to do with personal computing absolutely nothing shortly after we feature recording of computer music of the first philadelphia computer music festival held august the 25th 1978 as part of the personal computing 78 show in philadelphia the concert featured more than thirty musical compositions performed on ten computers synthesizers the op record made of the concert include seventeen musical pieces performed on seven different computers synthesizes representing programming by eleven people the lp album is free to download and is available from vintage computer music dot com john dilkes organiz the computing 78 show in philadelphia that year many of the computer musicians were reluctant or too shy to perform at a computer music concert something that never heard of before but word of the concert at spread and a steady stream of calls from all over the country began to come in how chamberlain one of the early computer music pioneers agreed to come as the call hellmers who is the editor of bite magazine a very popular magazine at that time and david all publisher of creative computing and malcolm right engineer of solidstate music in california dorothy siegel poured in from new york to say she was arranging a peace for computer and clarinet especially for the concert.

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