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I am your host today Patrick Munnerlyn and the Mercer Adams funeral service quote of the week character is like a tree and reputation as like a shadow the shadow is what you think of it and the tree is the real thing that quote is from Abraham Lincoln back in the studio we are live here today and we were just discussing eighty two days in Okinawa with author Robert Weiss Robert we were just talking about maybe the attrition of the the Japanese soldiers and how the the soul of the American soldiers were pouring oil into all of the tunnels just to just to fight in combat the Japanese soldiers in Okinawa so you know what was that what what what do you think was a big fundamental difference that the band the character for in the character between the living there is a very important difference for the Japanese the great honor was to die in battle put hit Merrick and it was just survive the battle and so if a general made some kind of mistake it when they're committed Harry Carey he was gone Eric and if there was a problem the general to a different place a different outfit there's a different view of life a different value of life and the the American average soldier brought into that war the highest honor for life but also a commitment to the values of America being worth dying for they died because for their family in the country it was paramount that that it they all survive but the Japanese had this the the for example in in other parts of of the specific a Pacific of bonsai warriors that literally rushed in with every intent to kill and to be killed and smelling like fuel because they were ready to like themselves up on fire as well and yes one of the things about o'connell was there were many many cases and and caves made a real potential danger spot because you stick your head in to see who's in any blows your head off right and one of the things that fascinated me was the role of flame throwers who put the put that nozzle into the cave and are on the the propane and bingo it was it was all over for that and you know you're cute you're touching on the flames are not I read your book and listen your book is just peppered with not just partial as a as a hero but there are so many other heroes but I think that there was a medal of honor awarded to a a gentleman in the book that the native Americans used a flamethrower yes well the the native American the calling chief chief yeah and he was a hero onto insulted Indian guy there and that they were on and hillside and somebody said in affect chief how do you guys do it how the Indians did it right it was sort of a jab in an insult aha and he jumped up leaped over the top of the cliff into a nest of a Japanese shooting right and left and wipe them all out stag's head upset that's how we do it no that's okay that is that's funny but what is fascinating is you've got that information from colonel R. Shaw yes yeah that's yeah that's not that's that is first hand you yes first hand you thought up that is that's a first hand information conveyed to us and it's a transfer of history and that is a hero that was on recognize and I just read over it and you know that medal of honor was a a gentleman because I wrote it down his name was Seymour Hoffman and he had a flame thrower and I think he used it to probably annihilate eighteen to twenty Japanese soldiers because that seems about right about the average hero look event in Europe in this book one American soldier taking out fifteen eighteen with these amazing work the ROIC experiences so chief was was definitely a amazing character and a hero and so was Seymour Hoffman but there's many others there too but you know the what else yeah some of the propitiatory bill reader who I think he went through a case of grenades not know how many grenades or in a case but I I was just imagine that this guy just had laser focus and he was able to have a heroic experience all into himself well and in that story illustrates one of the real problems the Japanese would not quit coming yeah and here these guys were and they're trapped by these people who are just rushing in upon them rather than retreat rather than them back up this guy picks up the grenades and starts throwing up like a pro football player and by the time that he had had a grenades they had run out of opposition they were gone I I think part of what we learn in retrospect is that the Japanese seriously under estimated the American character the American soldier and how well trained the American soldiers were up there had had a a pretty brutal history they took Manchuria invaded China and so forth and I think something like five hundred years they had been supreme with this war machine that they had and what the general there I think it was on Okinawa made a no it was earlier another another island made the statement that will be here for a thousand years and I'll be gone in a in a week well he was gone it that's just the way the war turned because the American soldier had a character of caring and perseverance that was just different yeah from the Japanese mentality don't want to underestimate the Japanese they were they were serious warriors they fought to the death all for themselves but it sounded like they just attrition their selves and didn't re purpose a good soldier just like we did because of the value of life was a fundamental difference yes that's that's absolutely correct but I think also there was something in the character of these American farm boy mmhm who who who had just been good Ole boys are shocking from I believe eight Oklahoma Shannon newspaper guy you know just just typical American voice but there was something bread in the character of the American soldier from that from that scene for that background for that follow up follows small town mentality that produced a Hey Rory character that we do well to salute and to L. to applaud today and Robert you and I both banned from small town western Oklahoma where you're standing you got to be inventive sometimes because all of the answers and all the training isn't always right in front of us and so sometimes we just have to create our own don't we like you throw to grade grenade amenable pick it up and brought back okay so sometimes you know I I understand you because we don't know what a tractor breaks down and you got to figure out how to fix that with what you've done there's definitely some purpose perseverance and in regards to the Merican soldier and how you know skilled we were I believe in the air our Air Force the ratio between the Japanese and American soldiers was eleven to one for every eleven Japanese plane shot down one Americans plane was shot down which just goes to show you from eleven to one we might have been better skilled in the air yes on this Memorial Day weekend I think we do well well to remember that patriotism is beyond politics that this is something that we salute as a country that's what we stand for the flag and now when I went to this experience with heart Shaw I came away with a new appreciation of America and American soldiers yeah well I think if we can all agree on life liberty and the pursuit of happiness I think we could all get along I I can agree on that well we're going to take a short break here in just a few minutes we'll hear right now you're listening to well preserved on news radio one thousand Katie okay what is Memorial Day means to me lost many brothers overseas it's not just a day for barbecues while Memorial Day may feel a little different this year it is no less important than any other year as we honor the sacrifice of our fallen heroes memorial.

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