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Seven sixty six sixty six that is the phone number for you to reach us and we will get to the phone as opposed paste here we've had John Flaherty from the S. network and get out your with us a little while ago and former Yankee catcher course of need car say New York guys well now the bullpen coach with the Milwaukee Brewers we just said goodbye to him and talked about his club and getting ready for the season Brian Anderson will join us BA who is kind everywhere from March madness on but he's been kind of know where where the with us with the arrest of us just doing nothing at this point in time but it's gonna be interesting to see what he has to do here over the next month or so you'll be busy guy with basketball and with baseball as well too and it is the PGA too so that was a lot of stuff happening there that's that's gonna be really interesting to to see what as we talk about just his travel schedule a pick up just outside from the sports and trying to keep up with what's happening this this sports world with all the things going on obviously will get his perspective on that if you Mr conversations the cursor job fired head over to the radio dot com app rewind he also on the WFAN dot com homepage cuts over talks from last night we have Todd Frazier on last night's conversation him as he gets ready when the Texas Rangers we also talked with it we talk with who else we talk with last night I forget who it was well whoever was we talked John Nichols we talked to Todd Frazier and let's see you go to lunch and other well mine's drawn a blank right now get back to it eventually local Floyd could let's right click okay forget clipping not good conversations ago check those with WFAN dot com audio page eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six of their number Ron is calling from the Catskills where are you in the Kashmir is wrong reporter Amanda great well a little place called Denver New York okay yeah we've all developed Roxbury's course and I know the area very well actually welcome to Denver in the back of sinuses now leaving Denver west front Roxbury if you roll I don't know that just rocks that's interesting okay do you do know there are in there you're welcome so you know a good fresh water so well I did say I live there as I said I didn't eight it's great to be talking baseball my question is so yes about the extra players in the tenth inning so you put a month second does not take the book out of drugs or Alonso's hand are they are welcome this belief they're the guys up possibly yeah that's all part of it yeah I was thinking today the and Ron I was thinking about the idea of the three batter minimum okay like let's just say you know this is gonna be I guess it all depends what about what the ideal match up is but let's say you start with a runner at second a new pitcher comes in got bunch the runner over to third right do you then have the ability if you're trying to play this game walking to guys and create a more favorable match up your loading the bases but if you're a if you're the home team maybe this is a better option for you because you always bad and have a runner it's right makes the bottom of your any but you might be able to create a more favorable match up because the blunt and two walks would satisfy your three batter minimum and then you bring in the picture you want try to roll the dice a base loaded I I think that creates an interesting possible yeah bring a strikeout guy and try to get out of the inning yeah depending on where you are in the lineup yep this call real quick on first base we're definitely not going to like expand extending the first base into the fallen so the player doesn't run into the because half the time you'll see the ball hitting the player this call that I've ever thought of that given the extra like the softball adult softball league yeah exactly and it's only for when you're running down to first it's just an idea I've heard people talk about it but I don't know if it's ever got any serious traction and rules committees or anything like that it's it's an idea I mean you only see it anyway and the other catcher hits the runner right out on a bond or it'll screw around for the plate and you argue that you're you're in the base model based on things like that isn't a call always argued it's all well don't always argued all the time how many times do we that's more questions on the second the second yeah this is Judy yeah I mean we used to get a slow with your calls Hey anyone of us could do about second base I used every winter that was the one main call to matter what year it was they're gonna put a runner on second base in the tenth inning that's exactly what they're going to do people are fired up about this salmon friend Sam are you concerned about the runner at second base or do you have other issues on your mind this is Melissa how are you guys doing good how are you yeah really quickly because I was looking into questions about these guys yeah I'm a Die Hard Die Hard Mets fan and it doesn't matter how did the starting pitching is this is a different year we're only going to go as far as the full time takes up I think we got there I think that's fair is probably fair for every team but a matter of yeah you know yeah W. going six seven great out of the gate yeah and to a question so let's play devil's advocate wearing jeans fifty eight and then after trailing the purported by half a game or a game they're playing each other and with the new rule with the relievers haven't clicked batters who said begin work based in Milwaukee and Dr bottom of the eighth and he's got to writing we've got two guys out and then you have Conforto McNeil coming up who says Josh here warm so he doesn't get hurt tell your hater and bike what's going to stop these things from pushing the M. envelope you know what I'm saying yes in the injury he was tries talking about Neil is taking the injury to get in the relief pitcher the you want to avoid the three battle all the way all I got you okay yeah you're breaking up sorry I didn't quite understand I I I don't know I mean that's you know loophole well I I I'm not sure you know I don't know whether yeah I think they're doing they're gonna do their best to try to you know you have to have some reasonable I guess idea that it's a legitimate injury I mean I guess they do their best to determine that sometime yeah I mean could could somebody try to fake it and and and do it yeah I think possibly but I mean it has to be a real situation I I understand we say he's paying the picture he's running the picture that if it's late in the season this isn't just some regular middle game this is the game was deciding everything and you're gonna go to whatever lengths you can to try to win that game is wholly faster something I give him credit because he got a lowered again fifty eight of sixty four we haven't even started I don't even know if we can get that far but you got to give fifty eight so I give credit for that hi the next you guys ought to give you one guess what their topic is that he go to be second base outside let's go seven let's have at it sixty six fifty six everybody else get on board Tom and Wayne your next up on the fan I. Tom what's going on it all while you're on a date and all that seven years on the mat cleaning I hate the Yankees but do a great job thanks well the old one question that I have I haven't heard anybody bring it up yet what can happen when in the top of the inning you know they get the run around from second base the score and then the team in the bottom of the inning does the same thing and tied it back up I think that's going to be an interesting thing and that kind of goes against the whole premise of trying to shorten the game a little bit well I think yeah you're not thinking that everybody's gonna score every single run if you're just hastening the the the end of the game by giving teams right your score I love it I think you.

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