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I don't know if you've talked about the episode on guys all linked to that in the show notes while yet, but I am an eight on India Graham, which is a challenger in people. You know, it's not the most popular personality on the whole spectrum like, although I would say I think everyone thinks about their own one. Yeah. This true. And I love aids likely. Zero love this. So can anyone taking this? Scared. But just think about the name of it challenger, you know, you don't always like the person who's fighting everything that you're saying. But I always found my personality was like that in the India Graham kinda helped validate how I was feeling in think about how to make myself better in that. But you know, that description the challenger it makes me better at my job. It actually is very accurate for me. And the reason that I can be the fashion directors because I can kindly say, no, I don't like that. Yeah. But have you thought about doing it this way? Yes. Dead of you know, no not good start over. Whereas I'd be like. I'm only rule. Of so, you know, doing that internal assessment to whatever kind of personality tests or whatever quiz. Yeah. This are all really really helpful tools to show you what your get at. And you can also something that's really eliminating is asking your people. Ask your parents, your mom told me the other day. And I was like why didn't you earlier? My mom told me the other day that I did some sort of test growing up. I've maybe like ten and I don't remember why she did some sort of. I had some sort of testing done. And some of the results said that I wasn't entrepreneur. I was ten home my kin, and I'm like mom. Why didn't you tell we just didn't it didn't occur to me that maybe starting something on my own was something that I was released sort of predisposed round to do so ask your parents ask your friends think about what people ask for your help about? If you I am not the person that you ask for for help about style Jordan is, and that's that's indicative of something. So I love out to do some reflection in ask your people what you're good at. And it's kind of an awkward question to ask. But the results are really when you hear from people for do you have any just last encouragement for for women who might be thinking. I I have some interests have some skills. I said not sure that they fit in the kingdom of God. I just love which is kind of a last just charge from you. Yeah. I am. I've been there before. And really reflected on you know, the things that I loved and, you know, said, oh, I feel like this is such a a world -ly passion. And it's not it doesn't fit in the cliche. And the Lord very clearly said, I gave you that gift that is from me and lean into that. You know, I think anything that. You're you're passionate about that is a gift that he's given you to discover in lean into in. So it's okay. If it doesn't perfectly fit the story is never just, you know, a straight line, you might like squiggle around a little bit. And that's fine. That's beautiful. That's part of your story in all the things that you're doing to get to that place. Your goal career may be they're preparing you for what's to come in. So you know, if you're in a job that you. You're not stoked about right now. You're learning something that is really really important. And you're also in a place where you're able to invest in people. Well, the people around you that you might not always have that avenue in so lean into it in Dillard will reward you for that fat. So Jordan, the last thing I wanted to ask you about his I heard a little rumor that you have able discount code just for girls night listeners. Yes yet. So we have a discount code. It's twenty percent off noon yet. So you can start you can make your first step into the ethical fashion world if you so choose, but it's twenty percent off in the code is girls night..

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