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On the spot job offer after November twentieth hiring event traffic and weather three ten sponsored by Potawatomi hotel and casino it's all happening at Potawatomi hotel and casino Hey Debbie Hey there John all right we still have this problem on a ninety four westbound at sixty eight the left lane is blocked we've got two lanes of traffic in past it but it's still gonna be pretty hefty twenty one minutes from the middle to the hail fifteen minute back up everybody on the eastbound side is kind of slow down take a look at it too so it's seventeen to get from the hail to the modular change the Levin minute backed up also forty one south bound just south of Silver Spring we have an accident they're highly cute disease at nineteen minutes is that money for not too bad looking for my we sixteen soon of the downtown eight west bound side downtown to sixteen minutes for nine minutes away another eleven to get from this highly sixteen forty three cellphones quiet twelve minutes round here to Marquette another seven and from downtown to lake Avenue so forget you can be our eyes on the road if you happen to see something you think we should know about give us a call a WTMJ home awesome lucky dot com traffic to four two oh three in the one hundred the traffic and weather together on the tenth WTMJ palette of you I dot com the ten day five day forecast until zero on Wednesday mostly cloudy with snow likely by mid day high of twenty seven jelly one to two inches could see some higher total mainly north of Milwaukee winds gusting to thirty miles an hour on Thursday decreasing clouds will be a bit warmer up to thirty two with afternoon sun Friday mostly sunny above freezing to thirty five degrees on Saturday partly.

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