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The nation's big lines engines on my for awhile people keep going to the moon this is a this is next slide is that and then we'll be working and the much more hazardous area which I lost occupational hazard got on this mission astronauts Walter Schirra talking about one of the missions in nineteen seventy one the same right they're finding larger changes in the geology of the moon Purdue grad gene Cernan would be the last man on the moon December seventh nineteen seventy one the space race I believe the end of the day of the yesterday after opening them on but the two time none of the Russian mission to the moon we're espectacular as what NASA accomplished none of the cosmonaut which is celebrated as the American astronaut six five four we've gone the space shuttle soon became the focus of the space program David wolf was the first person to bridge the gap and become the first American astronaut and Russian cosmonaut Russians the space station while the Americans focused shop and we're going to the murder and leaves turned out to be very complimentary as we operate as we use the space shuttle to build the international space station that has had a continuous human presence since the since two thousand most people don't realize we have in space continuous has been one of those astronauts leading the space walk mission that built the international space station he is now a member of the faculty of Purdue and continues to research base and medicine thanks to the work of that Apollo eleven crew and wolf is hoping to teach the next group of astronauts the group that may get back to the moon and Mars yeah.

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