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London at the time? Yeah, we were living up in hampstead. In hampstead. And so I was choosing routes where it was just mind numbing roots that you just go around the places art regions park and run round and round and round and round and round and round. Right. You know, and they knew that, oh, well, when I finally go off on the road, it would be like being unleashed. This is a great running city though. There's so many epic places to explore by foot. Yeah, it's like I talk about this with the nature immersion work that I work with clients and how bigger audience site through other forms of media in the book, right? But it's 3000 parks in London. Yeah, it's unbelievable how much million trees that's almost one tree per person in London to sit under and be. What an environment, right? It's gotta be up there with the top cities in the world in terms of how they've mindfully created an urban landscape while incorporating natural environments into the experience. Yes, labeled as a forest now, isn't it really London? In terms of how many trees were available here, parks, allotments, gardens. Yeah. And yet, you split the city, headed to the countryside, to live on like a regenerative farm. No, we went to we went to tell me about that. So it was like a big exodus out of London. So when London kind of went into lockdown, we were. Four kids at that time. What was then a loan that must be ten to Lula merely 8 to three, and then the young Bowman came in, you know? And we were in a two bedroom apartment in hampstead with a terrace. And it's great because we're minimalists, right? And we live on the ground and our beds are just mattress toppers that we can roll up and put away, so it's not like we're struggling for real space. There are space there, but we only really

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