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Other parties to ensure the while rum continues to restrict its nuclear program then it's people will benefit from sanctions relief in accordance with the central bargain of the deal the shadow foreign secretary emily thornberry didn't bother to be polite about donald trump the whole house and indeed the whole world should stand united today in condemning donald trump his reckless senseless and immoral act of diplomatic sabotage that he has committed oil prices surged following donald trump's announcement something the lib dem leader servants cable feared would cause pain in the uk now the government has discovered the limits of sycophancy and dealing with president trump can the foreign secretary spell out some of the economic implications county say first of all if the government has any contingency plans to protect british industry and motorists if the withdrawal of formula barrels a day iranian oil results in an inevitable old trump boris johnson said the uk would do its upmost to protect business the conservative proeuropean can clock couldn't resist proud following that public drubbing boris johnson had given to the prime minister's idea of an e you customs partnership i congratulate the farm check j for his unswerving loyalty to collect your government policy the dispatch box boris johnson suggested ken clarke hadn't home was told the line himself as for why he'd called the customs partnership idea crazy inconformity repeat the in conformity with government policy on this on the matter i believe which is referring assumes that policy has yet to be decided finally there was a change to prime minister's questions this week for the first time in almost a decade it was not presided over by the speaker john berko who was attending the funeral of his predecessor michael martin his place was taken by the deputy speaker sir lindsay hoyle at the end of his debut there were enthusiastic cries of more from some mp's possibly wants who are not fans of mr berko.

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