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Traffic and weather on the age. Go to Rob Stallworth in the W T o p Traffic center. We're going straight South East south down South Capitol Street. This is before Malcolm X Avenue, all lanes blocked for the three car crash. We understand Do you have units on scene? Some pound South Capitol Street with our lanes blocked before Malcolm X Avenue. No problems otherwise in the district on I 2 95 or D. C Tu 95 between National Harbor in Eastern Avenue, Traveling the Beltway in Maryland. You're looking pretty good through Montgomery and Prince George's County. New Problem is North bound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway after 1 97 getting the first report of a crashed their uncertain as to which lane or lanes are blocked north down on the BW Park. After 1 97 westbound Route 50 often on the breaks through why Mills headed towards Queenstown, then touching. Kent narrows across the westbound span The Bay Bridge with three lanes open in that westbound direction. In Virginia. Things air clear traveling on the Beltway 66. Still some delays often on the leaving. Of course, Route 50 Headed to and past, not the street in the new three lane configuration. They're traveling South Boundary 29 after Webb was the mole road and surly Gate Road. Still, the left side block near Monument Drive for the accident involving one of return vehicle Santilli eastbound Route 50 near Lee's Corner and Stringfellow roads still under police direction for the fire department activity there. Steppin on 95 stain on the brakes, leaving Lord toward 1 23 would birds then sluggish off and on leaving Dale City down toward dump Reason. Triangle north on I 95 after the Rappahannock River Bridge. The crash reported to be near Route 17 and found with blocking at least one lane. That's the cause of your delays. North bound on I 95 Pasic sponsor Vania into Fredericksburg, often on toward Route 17 and found with No problems so far on I 3 95 Leaving its road ended up to on a cross for 14th.

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