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So I just want to stop you there because what you just said is kind of an illustration of the revolving door in Washington, you're talking about former American government officials who finished their political career, and then they're using their connections for a lobbying firm her act. And so what kind of things was Sidley Austin trying to do for in its chairman Andre Causton Sidley Austin registered under Fara, then started setting up a whole bunch of meetings and not all of the meetings had been disclosed, although the retroactive disclosures that simply files after we contacted them show that they were really helping kosten get to know policymakers and rushing. Dan, and they were very much pitching policymakers people at the State Department, for instance, who oversaw sanctions policy that they should meet with him that chairman costume would be able to educate them about the thing. It's clear that the lobbyists were hired in response to the sanctions and the filings pretty much spell that out. Carrie? Was put on the sanctions list in twenty fourteen then you document in your article a lot of these contacts between American lobbyists, Andrey Kostin VTC's chairman, and then under custody himself is added to the sanctions list. This year did want influence the other. You know, custom was clearly a big part of the banks attempt to court Washington policymakers he was in the meetings, and what having him personally sanctioned means is that he can no longer do that. So that really has to change things for the Bank now from your article. It sounds like the rules of Fara are just not really enforced. Very strictly. I know some members of congress have proposed legislation to overhaul Farah, what are the chances of that happening? Well, right now it looks dim. And I think there was a period after the two thousand sixteen election when the weaknesses of Farah enforcement were under heavy scrutiny by congress that were hearings and members of congress really said, this hasta change this law must be enforced, but the truth is that Farah is tricky it's tricky to decide who's a foreign agent, and it's tricky to decide his operating under the direct control of a foreign entity a foreign government. And so. So I think that these overhauls have run into opposition amid questions about who would be covered by them. The world Carol hills. Speaking with Carrie LeVine from the center for public integrity about one case study and to how foreign lobbying works in Washington. You can read carry.

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