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I did that's the part that hard i do like hannah i know i do so that's what i'm like they just aren't good together right that's true the crew boss means absolutely nothing says i do it's good anyway that's my in defensive dwell but what are you guys thing am i totally off just saying no you put it out there and go everyone let her know to tango so this week on the real house of new york city we have this controversy over a photograph those posted to instagram right because luanne has just gotten out of rehab she doesn't really necessarily want people to know she's out yet like she's still getting her bearings and then ramona announces for her oh hey len's out oh when she's hanging out with this at a restaurant in oh there are wine glasses i'm taking it to graham post it so several things i printed out the the photo and looking at it right now which i had to pronounced from the episode because ramona has since taken it down oh putting that out there during demented bentley though liked it i just want to put that out there as well oh i don't know if any other house did because like we can only see liked by during the medley and like two thousand whatever other people but just just thought sony looks great does she yes so i think the argument was that ramona's the photo is so beautiful like of course she's going to post it like we all look beautiful it's such a beautiful photo is that how you would describe this photo well okay so we're we have a roaring fire in the background okay or see it at a table with a white linen table cloth some vases with weird greenery a couple wine glasses one in front of luan which is probably just water yeah something in front of bethany that's not clear yeah i think that's wine prominent go with it being wine it's a lot of table lotta table careless cropped off totally crapped like she was like carol hewlett luminous but it's like half her heads gun right right i think ramona looks great exactly yeah bonus hair is perfect quaffed she has perfect posture you know what i mean has if that's like veiled i do think it's a beautiful photo beautiful enough to be like i don't get why she's mad no i think you should have asked liu permission i absolutely the gang's all here by the way is the caption hashtag reunited yeah not great great ramona but still beautiful picture what do you think about her being like oh i get it now like three fourths of the way through the episode i think she wanted the argument to be over to maybe that's when she took it down because i will say she was also very apologetic about the whole tom new year's eve party thing and then in her blog nut so apologetic okay i didn't think she was very apologetic the whole time just like rarely we're talking about it again but like okay i get it i get it i'm sorry and then her block she's like lou williams done wars and here's a list will put a link to that log in description but yeah i just is it a sunset is.

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