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Patients to appropriate PP our focus remains on safety learn more at no fear dentist dot com slash patient safety they will talk about the mid eighties with a few isolated showers and storms this afternoon and evening tonight will be mild and quiet as we drop to the mid sixties but Saturday will bring feel like temperatures back to the mid nineties as the actual temperature reaches ninety degrees for severe weather station online first warning meteorologist Austin Winfield news radio seven hundred WLW radio shows partly cloudy sky eighty three degrees right now a local police officer involved in the fatal shooting of Brianna Taylor nearly one hundred days ago is now in the process of being fired that you will have questions and I'm sorry that I cannot answer them because of the state law A. R. S. chapter sixty sellable mayor Greg Fischer today officer Brett Hankinson one of three local officers involved in the death of Brianna Taylor he has also been accused of sexual assault by two women thank you since termination letter says that he showed extreme indifference to human life by firing ten rounds inside Taylor's apartment Kentucky's attorney general's been asking for patience as his office investigates for death in a news conference yesterday Daniel Cameron said he recognizes the urgency to find the truth federal investigators back at that apartment today Ohio governor Mike DeWine says five counties in southwest Ohio including Hamilton and Warren counties have seen an increase in corona virus cases the last few days the governor listings of codes that include north college hill Forest Park and dell hi not be Kenwood area as previously reported acting head of the county health commissioner Greg testament says the rate of spread has been trending upward we know that if the reproductive value is below one that the outbreak is dying down when the reproductive value goes above one the outbreak is spreading one week ago the outbreak that reproductive number was zero point nine two today it's one point for a hot spot zip codes in Warren County include areas like Lebanon Mason and landed on a wall street right now the Dow is down sixty six points the nasdaq is up seventeen the S. and P. is down for I'm Jacque Crumley our next update at one thirty breaking news anytime news radio seven hundred WLW this report is sponsored by Lowe's lows as what king harder than.

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