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Who is anything but a white supremacist libero understand l a a jewish cute from new york to be a white supremacist but those what mtv lakes totally spit oldest money to ensure that he had the right to speak people will be moved the cost the uc berkeley spin to ensure the key could speak but that's the country that we live in a people in mtv if the former left the all left whatever you wanna call them if a bunch of these de bags were going to start trying to keep people from speaking oak your the till the left or right but when you start trying to keep people from speaking asian should be willing to spin whatever it takes to ensure that the right of free speech is guaranteed after all that based on the rule of law middlebury college you may remember middlebury college has a lot of problems in the past because of their their policies regarding well middlebury college is where the students broke into the administration building they took over the administration building an and unlike the 1960s when college students broke into the administration building it uc berkeley so that they could guarantee free speech these students at middlebury college broke into to take over the college of ministers you're building to they could shut down free speech so that you've been there since they were going to pick and choose who gets to speak who does not get to speak well if got worse this is the what what i would say is the logical in portugal begins sanity that we have witnessed across college campuses middlebury college has now announced an interim polls that enshrines the hecklers veto what does it do the puts the power of who's going to speak at that particular tall which in the hands of people who would threaten to disrupt of that death knell their official polls polls shielded if someone is going to speak at mulberry college but you don't like a new threaten violence built this bucket speak here's the policy it will proceed for schedule events new budget speakers bear with me this is important until with is replaced.

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