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You know, I thought this other question out. Do you think Having a debate this late, But with what? What? 60 Million votes already cast made sense. I mean, also some of things you could chime in at 7 to 2575396 at 7 to 2575396. We'd like to get your opinion on that one. We goto Will our body usually called will but its body Bob, how are you? I'm doing fine. Thanks, Dad. Tell me when you get to be whoever I wanted you okay? If I might make a suggestion, you okay? My premises that everything has a track and trailers. Source a point of origin. That's the greatest mystery of mankind is what it was. Or what is your purpose. Now? What I'd like to see is a credit card like voting card issued to each of us in American citizens. They teams all over the place all kinds of transactional card capabilities. And then what happened is we vote that way through a card, And the reason for that is that I could do a transaction in 60 seconds across the world. I can buy an orange and bring it back the next day and all but they cashed. So I think we need to go to the individual cards and then we need to be able to say, But for example, I don't care how I don't care what you want to add. Vote or not, I would tell you, but I really don't care. So I think the first thing you should be able to the virgin of the old your vote you can and when you do There's a receipt of that history to get sent to you one way or another, and they would get if there's harvesting. If we continue to do it, which I do not think is correct nor right. They should be registered people because the voting process is more than most. This is one of the most foundational constructs of our society. Now, now, here's the point most of my friends and moving towards the information they think they're going to intercept the information transmission. Which means they're going to try to push the results. But if anything goes wrong with this at all, if anything's thinks that all the president could declare the election, no envoy let it finish out and redo within 10 days now back up the moment here because I'm dual tracking, gentlemen, I'm not only suggesting The negative aspects of of outcomes. I'm trying to project something for restructuring. So we come back the voting process itself, Anybody contaminates massages? If they distort the dissemination process of that information. I think there should be the death penalty now hold that thought produced the moments. I use that term because I'm trying to show you how important this is. Voting allows us to have a consensus based upon our moral and assimilated values that we share with each other's Americans. Anybody who goes that down? They still trust the greatest honor. You can have its convey your true thoughts to another person and those people who would do that. I really think they should be shot. If we don't stop right now and begin to reconstruct everything else, the weak get together. But God, we could be there and you're going nowhere if we don't if we don't stabilize right now are voting process. The only thing next to this street Supreme Court. The importance of this is just overwhelming. Undeniable, right? Why don't disagree with you? Well, I mean, I think you know, voting card. It makes too much sense. And unfortunately, that's the problem Since you know, we sent a voting card. If you mess with the election, there should be a serious crime. The death penalty maybe. I'm not necessarily opposed to that, but but it should be an extremely serious punishment for it. And you know what? That gentleman I don't interrupt. You didn't know They were having a discussion. Whether I should just hang up You're doing good is what I get you another minute way. We have a candidate that wants to talk China none as well. Keep going. That's what you want, but we're talking about the card and proper voting. And if you get caught that there should be a serious penalty. Go right ahead. Yes, And the reason for that is when you look when you begin to look in a society. It's in transition or change and believe you, me something's coming. I don't care what you nobody can deny that. When we begin to look at the using money is a means to construct a society that could be ill. Wilder or the impact is wake. Nothing we ever dreamed of. When will you look at the magnitude of these decisions are being made. I really think we have to raise the pain to those people who do not respect the moral of many of us struggle every day. The the whole foundation the whole truth. And the you know is good. Your neighbors we can Those people who would take that from us to deconstruct us. I really think we need to talk about shooting him as opposed to pen somebody $59,000 a year to guard and what you watch TV. We really need to begin to heighten, clarify what purposes are. Well, I got to tell you something, and maybe dramatic, but in some cases, maybe we need to get real crazy and then was straightened things out. I appreciate your time and your call. We have two other cause. I want to get it before the end. But most importantly, I got a candidate from district 29. Steve. Dr Steve, the pilot, and I will help I say this correct is that Belisle? Did it properly. Dr. Steve, How are you? Good to talk to you again, sir. You heard to show by the way. Try, man. What do you think about this? But the voting integrity in Nevada and the nation. Yeah. You know, I didn't know you were on actually just caught you on the way to the gym. But I wanted to call him because I really just wanted to express my experience out there have been knocking and none knocking and walking on doors are walking, knocking on doors since mid July. And you know when we looked at numbers in my district, which is Henderson, Green Valley old Henderson suddenly, district 29 Democrats have a large advantage. They're definitely doing more milling about mail in voting. And my concern is that people are Republicans that are used to going to their local elementary school. You know, they say that my polling place I go there every year. They're expecting to go there again. And I'm not sure on election night if they wait till November, 3rd that that's going to be their pope. Polling place. Williams get out early. I mean again. I don't know why people waiting, Steve. I mean, I gotta do They own their own places. Change polling places for Ah! You know, for Election day They do change that They're not the same places early Election. Early Voting is not the same as when you do the Jets on the way. I know how proud I know. There's definitely more places for Early voting, but but but they're changing. Did they say that Because it's all listed. If you get the ballot, it's listed every single polling places listed for early voting Election day voting. It's all listed in about the well in the end the practice. For sure, and people should look at that. Well, well ahead of November 3rd because again, I don't know, because several people said to be all we're going to go to the elementary school. I'm not sure that that's going to be like I just don't know you have to look at your sample ballot and there's no excuse. Not too early. I went early. It's totally secure. They asked for my name. I got the card again. I went in. I went down my ballot. And so I just encouraged Republicans. Don't wait till November, 3rd. You could get our accident. You get a flat tire and then boom. You don't vote you get out tomorrow. You know something? I'll say this to you, Doctor..

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