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Who will pull the cotto boy when i told you go deep on boys at solid you know what that was what they had so i barely is there it is we knew sabotage you can go intragalactic that's pretty good too and that's that's can happen justly till brooklyn's on there and just looking as saying the endose little boy brooklyn that she's crafty oh she gets around that are they south that's what i've heard i am so here's the thing the flew the flu is everywhere that can you explain the man flew to me i don't know oh we're is built in the may and flew aga oregon's of the man flout don't you worry about the man flow but the actual flu is is rearing its ugly head you know what i was kind of worried before christmas came along because i had a few friends that got sick with the flu and visit fullon influenza because it is hoping role that i should sit at symptoms of the flu adhan hand say that they were diagnosed with the flu a um but they had symptoms of the flu and now doubting that they did no of course i'm not either but just the fact that they had symptoms and yeah i didn't want to catch it right before christmas she know for sure especially because and we work so much during these like two weeks yeah especially like the parttimers among us this is this is like our lives right yeah i'm gonna be back here later on with the download class i'm here i'm here literally every day until new year's eve yell think last year i did like i fill in for an interval hunters of i slept during the download and then i felt in for petty vasquez there is like i think i did like seventeen hours of special radio there are some prime comfy couches to sleep on if you ever need a oh we know where nafta we nowhere to hide there's there's places among hair university chicago hospital so university of chicago madison the just i announced that they're making temporary changes to visit our policy because illnesses the amount of illness of the flu incidences of the.

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