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Gonna go with a you. Can go with a the customize metal box you're right. We made these things especially for students to send her laundry home to mother. You could also get a cardboard laundry mailing box but if you really loved your kid you'd buy him a nice metal one all right next question. There have been a lot of advances in laundry technology over the years for example right now in the laundry storage and organization section of walmart dot com. You can currently by which of these actual items a clothesline with a tiny fan inside it. Be a combination underwear. Drying basket and mosquito proof. Fish meat drying basket or see fabric. Hardener I gonna go see. No i'm afraid. It was the combination underwear drawing basket mosquito. Proficient drawing basket the official name for the product is and i quote wind proof in anti embarrassing underwear. Three layers zipper hanging basket anti-mosquito fish meat drying baskets. Wow technically it's it's a fabric hardener. That's true here. We go if you get this win. And that's really all that matters. In the end my right here we go. Dryers and clotheslines are not the only way dry your clothes as was demonstrated by which of these a brooklyn laundromat just puts wet clothes and uncooked rice. Like an iphone. You dropped in the toilet be early. Ge microwaves had pants setting which would dry pair in eight minutes or see. A swede got herself. The world's fastest internet connection installed her home and she drives her clothes with the excessive heat. It generates this is the most ridiculous question. I'm gonna go with seat and you're right. That's what she did. She got this incredibly fast internet connection through so much heat that she said she drive close around it. She said it got quote pretty warm. There you go bill. How'd you meet do in our quiz. Two out of three. Finally two out of three is a win for you. Congratulations realized that. Like t pain and martin. Short one i was like okay. Have you do not have to not be shamed by tea. Banh that cannot happen. And cannot you michel cinder is the host of washington. Week in review on pbs. Sitting in the seat of the great gwen. I feel you mitch alcindor. Thank you so much for joining us on wait.

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