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809 48 Mike Stein for w T o P traffic and weather together on the eights and when it breaks to Jack Taylor in the traffic center Let's begin in Maryland on the Beltway topside out a little bit heavy around Georgia Avenue coming around from Cole's Ville Road to 70 Good out of Frederick South toward the lane Divine. We're still pretty quiet between the Beltway's on 95 B W Parkway been heavy, just rolling north of 1 97 toward 1 98 also looking good on 50 between North East and the Bay Bridge he will find in Virginia. There was a crash and sterling 28 headed north bound at Sterling Boulevard. The crash was Along the left side of the roadway. Looking good on 66 out of Gainesville used to get a little heavier, passing 1 23 90 five's wide open as you leave a quiet into Springfield. But you're gonna find a top and delay on 3 95 beginning north of Washington Boulevard near Boundary Channel Drive to cross the inbound 14th Street bridge into downtown. That's where we have the trouble. Lower 14th inaccessible. Leaving 3 95. All of closed all the way up to L street, Northwest Third Street Tunnel North bound. No access to U. S Capital. That exit ramp texted nine that off ramp is closed 12 Street Tunnel north bound block between the freeway and Constitution Avenue on Constitution. We've got closure between 23rd Street and 12th Street Northwest and between First Street, Northwest and Second Street, North East. All these closures and parking restrictions around the White House, the National Mall and around the capital. The numbered streets across the National Mall are closed through Inauguration Day. There is a full list of w t o p dot com You'll find the accident was outbound on New York Avenue after New Jersey Avenue before North Capitol Street. One ran out of gas. Hopefully, now moving I to 95 North down your laboratory wrote Didot had been on scenes to just be aware that your reminder again 11 of those stations on Metro closed today. Two more on Saturday, there Is a full list on w t o p dot com Ashley Homestore's January sale and Clarence has the greatest values save up to 65% off store wide. Many groups that actually is lowest Prices Shop today at Ashley Home Store Jack Taylor w T o P. Traffic Sky is putting on quite a show for us this morning. Let's check our forecast here with Matt Ritter some of sunshine this morning but increasing cloudiness and will be definitely be cloudy by afternoon is some showers. We arriving in the late.

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