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On the Tobin airport tunnels of looking good in and out of Logan Newbury street that's close to vehicles until six PM for an event today David said drawing WBZ's traffic on the three and now let's check the weather with the four day WBZ accu weather forecast with meteorologist Brian Thompson plenty of sunshine this afternoon quite warm but not that humid dot a high a bright around ninety degrees will mostly be in the low eighties that with the beaches tonight clear comfortable around seventy a Boston but close to sixty in the suburbs mostly sunny tomorrow with low humidity high eighty six pack of eighty six on Tuesday with a partly sunny sky and then we'll bring a little more heat and humidity in the backs on Wednesday we'll have some sunshine but also the threat for an afternoon thunderstorm in spots hi Wednesday around ninety three Iraq about the B. to route just Brian Thompson WBC Boston's news radio all warm day ninety one degrees partly cloudy in Boston eighty five in Gloucester and Peabody eighty six degrees in at the one on top of you miss covers mail saying that you can get the podcast in the I heart radio out this week for the core one of the most amazing stores I've been in case store that we all needed out here a US service member was killed in Afghanistan this weekend CBS's Elaine Quijano has more the incident happened in northwest Afghanistan a Taliban spokesperson claimed responsibility for the killing right now the US is in the process of negotiating a troop withdrawal from Afghanistan within twenty four hundred service members have died during the eighteen year war Afghan police also report that a radio journalist was killed late last night in an Eastern Province authorities say it's not clear if his death is linked to his work or a personal dispute is one thirty five we check Bloomberg business news that whether you're looking to purchase or refinance a commercial property office or apartment building talk to the commercial real estate team at least Boston savings bank for quick local decisions on loans at the seventy five million dollars call eight hundred six five seven PDS speak today imagine the excitement.

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