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Yep. Won't planet earth. The stylus for Jeff Saturday. Greenberg got a little little bored this morning. Did you guys coordinates? I mean the pocket square slightly different, but I I didn't even notice that we were doing the interview. That's remarkable. I mean, which one of those two men? There's man Lear. I mean, come on. I'm just going to say that there was some baseball last night and it was some good baseball playing in a high is a big game for Stephen, Susan, junior, leading off slumping Diamondbacks they hadn't four twenty five straight innings. He got a thirty home run brought that to an and then he did that. Diving backhanded, catch warning, track the robberies, regular blog. Final in this one, the dumbest one. They scored more than all run. They actually scored three, three one over the giants and Ramon Laureano hold up AAA Nashville on August. Third, this is a bit of why, because the outfield second inning, Tony, Kemp just rocked by on track as manager. Bob Melvin is an Oakland guy said that he's not comparing Loria notes to Willie Mays, but he can when he was washing that happened, he thought about and he saw Willie Mays the legendary catcher, Vic words looks like. We're going to have some fun today. I am greenie. This is Nicole. Briscoe emotionally ready for this. It's going to happen. Christopher man. I had fun. It's only sixty one degrees in here. So she's we're just sort of getting her a little bit warmed up. Stephen, a Smith will bring the temperature up in here. What's going on be to liked it really cold like we could crank it up for you. We're here. We'll see not if you're too cold Kennedy, play a couple of games. My problem or let's not knock my quarterback here. Okay. So early in the morning. Variety morning with us on get up. Desmond Howard will be here with a pressure pack matchup in south bend predictions for all the biggest games in the college football kickoff weekend, and Matthew berry will have last minute, fantasy draft advice you will need. That's when you get up with us on Friday morning. Meanwhile, between now and then we got tennis. The final major of the year continues the fiftieth US open today on ESPN more second round matches noon eastern. Then prime time it's over on ESPN two, and his always you can watch every match live on the ESPN app. We are getting ready for I take, oh, look, the crew is reunited. It's Molly, it's bags. It's ready to go guys. Greeny. Hi, Nicole. We will be with you in New York on Monday, so very much looking forward to that, and we got a lot of big names in today's show. Steven a. tell America what's on your mind of that? The man that he is Aaron Rodgers and us talking about that LeBron James caught my eye with some very interesting things he had say, and I'm definitely looking forward to discussing that. Molly, I think you hit the nail on the head. The calendar says it's still August, but we got Aaron Rodgers. LeBron James owed l. Beckham junior Floyd, Mayweather and Conor McGregor all making news in today's show, the mount Rushmore sports for today, it is going to be fun buckle up. I take at the top of the hour now back to get up, have a very weekend guys the YouTube. Larry, thank you. Be Wicky win less than a minute, but we have this bit of business. I everyone wants to pick the northwestern Purdue game. I do not want to put the hashtag k. o. d. on my team. So I will say that by this time tomorrow beds will be flying it on my cage match with Paul finebaum and I'm telling you right now I will kick his behind. Yeah, because he weighs as much as my arm tomorrow I will be well rested because I don't have to get to three o'clock in the morning and Purdue will be one annot. No. Ready. We'll be thinking something other than coffee. You're hot water in his mouth. That that was like a little quick jab right at the end of the show. Risco. Thank you very much been here. Great. Say tomorrow I take his neck.

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