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You may ask. They trailed two Oh, in the conference semis against the Nets, and they ended up winning in seven. We will see if the same thing pans out, especially after tonight's must win Game three for the Milwaukee Bucks. You're listening to the NBA insiders Finals Preview show here on ESPN Radio, the ESPN app. And Sirius XM Channel 80 alongside RIA Carter. I'm Alyssa Lang were brought to you by Goodyear helping you discover the road ahead. Goodyear more driven. We've been taking callers all afternoon talking about this game three. You can give us a call 1888 say ESPN. That's 18887293776 Trea also put out a call to action to fight her on why basketball is the best sport that in just a second, we will get there right now. Let's go out to Daniel, Who's in Arizona? Daniel, What do you think about tonight's Game three. Do you get that question? What are your thoughts going into tonight's Game three. Are I just have one. I just have one question for all sports fans, you know. Sure who? Who has any reason to believe that the Bucks are gonna win? Jonas had his best game of his career. They still lost. Yeah. Like Who's garden, Devin Booker. Nobody on the buck. Have a feeling Daniels, the Sun's fan, Can you confirm or deny this, Daniel? We have to have a big time done guy. Yeah. Yeah, I think I love wrong Passion, but do the sun's shoot as well as they did in those first two games at home Now that they're in Milwaukee, I I don't think that the Bucks win the series. But do I think the books can beat The sun's in a game. I do think they could You played this game drought. Um you played in the Southeastern Conference on a college level at one of the best programs in the country at Tennessee. How big of a factor is the game being back in Milwaukee? It's It's huge when you are on a roll and you're getting momentum and the fans get into it, and it's loud and they're cheering for you and they're pulling for. You know the opponents, they say, Oh, yeah, we just pretend they're cheering for us, or we use that energy for us. But it is different when you know that the fans are there for you and they are pulling for you. So I think the game being at home is huge. Now. The biggest thing is also when you get down, right, say the Sun's gonna run The fans still have to continue pulling for Milwaukee Quiet arena when things don't go the bucks way. If things don't go the bucks way, and the arena gets quiet that one. That's when it becomes a non factor because then the sons are like, Oh, yeah, they're silent in here. They're silent. We've got it. Let's go, and they kind of pulled together like it's just us that Chris Paul talks about. It's just them being on the road. So the fans they've got to stay loud, no matter what happens for the books and speaking of scoring, I know he talked about that for a moment. A stat here from Game to Yannis finished With 30 points in the second half on 83% shooting the first player over the last 25 seasons to score 30 points on 80% shooting and a half of a finals game. So if that's your honest just now heating up, and they're going back to Milwaukee backs against the wall, they don't want to go down 30 with a Game four on the line. I think tonight is the most interesting matchup that we have seen so far, because if this Milwaukee team shows up and shows out, we may go to seven games. Andrea, you and I have talked so much about wanting this series to go to seven. I mean, like forest Cool. The team is so dominant. You want too sweet, but it's the NBA Freaking finals. We want seven games, right? I want as much basketball as possible because, like I said, basketball in the NBA Finals, they are just The absolute best. There really is no debate, and I think we have someone if I could bring in Mr A. J from the Bronx. Is there a wrong opinion that you want to throw out here? As far as sports other than basketball? Maybe being better? I mean, are you guys doing? Um well, Basketball is okay. Basketball..

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