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The komo twenty four seven news center it's almost certain now that in january mitzi joe hank neck will be king county sheriff just fifty four percent of the vote compared john carts forty six percent but she tells us even she didn't expect to the election numbers that came in yesterday said king county and for me are turned out differently than we expected it wouldn't go as rapidly as a test she says she didn't expect an eight percent margin johann connect says morale is low and the department needs to be healed so it can serve the community better the candidates for mayor in everett or virtually neck and neck judy to he leads cassi franklin by nineteen votes while eased jaso tied is riding candidate uh uh uh in brazil again i think we got our message out okay and i think that message has influenced the vote the racism was guaranteed to go to recount and the state dot plans to close the north cascades highway this afternoon between diablo amazon on the early closure comes about a week earlier than normal because michael preston komo news komo aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's in the south sound area we have a blocking the two left lanes northbound i5 at thirty three you are stopping go pretty much from 72nd also the two four five ramps said talbot road are still closed until 430 due to overnight construction next traffic forty four i'm curtis qiao who with komo news news traffic and weather updates weekday morning be listening for more stories and interviews to until vidal kobo morning news with manda factor and gregg hersholt on this is america in.

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