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Friday, that is Fox 30 one's Brooks Garner reporting. Some say the areas in the high country could see snow totals of up to a foot and a half The rain falling this morning to make things a little slow for your ride into work this morning or wherever you happen to be heading today. Governor Pulis extending the mask mandate in Colorado. But there is a little bit of a change could be happening. Masks will no longer be a requirement in counties at level green on the state's covert dial. Masks are still required in areas that are still at level blue or higher for parties larger than nine people with unvaccinated parties in tow, however, groups of 10 or more made up of a least 80% vaccinated. Masks no longer required. The mask mandate is still in place for school activities and in government facilities for at least another 30 days. Connor Shreve K Away NewsRadio, Yet things were changing. While the White House is promoting more ways for Americans to get their covert 19 vaccine starting just a week ago, 40,000 pharmacies now have the vaccine. Many of them have already walk in ours. We're trying to expand that. Speaking on CBS's face the Nation Chief of staff Ron Clain, added that a new text line also allows people to find out where there are locations to get vaccinated near your home. He says. The rollout continues at a great pace as one in 10. Americans got a shot in the last 10 days, but He emphasizes. There's a lot of work left to be done. There's also word that the Fizer vaccine could get emergency authorization for kids aged 12 to 15. A decision could come this week from the FDA. The Coast Guard's still searching the waters off the San Diego coast after suspected human smuggling boat overturned, killing at least four people. The call came in Sunday morning. A boat off the San Diego coast appear to be in trouble. Keep the report of a 40 ft trawler ground with multiple persons in the water. More than two dozen people tossed into the water as their boat flipped over, then broke apart on the rocks. Nearly 101st responders raced to the scene, a total of 29 people found, But officials say there was no manifest for the boat so they don't know exactly how many people were on board A. B C's. Monaco's robbed a The body of a kayaker was recovered in Cherry.

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