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What's what's up safe word for like if we we have to have them stop or something. It's bananas are safe her safe word. There's no safe would I will be able to hear and see everything you are doing. Though i won't be able to see what you see through the masks i will still be present. Is it possible that we'll be attacked in this simulation as it were. It's incredibly possible noram. You'll able to see here and fill your opponents as if they were real. Everything feels real. Is this hope. What so ellinora. no absolutely. it's a witnesses. She said yes. Witnesses also so obviously than sounds like we will feel pain if we die. Do we all in real life udinese dream you. Let's i have learned this many adventures. You're ninety israeli. can i roll just. Because he hung up on y'all rex. Is there a knowledge role on on what a witness might be. Maybe it's like that's called something rolla around the saudi society bet role. I don't think it's going to be good news the role thirty seven You would you would gain bay pretty much basic information like witnesses means someone who saw you like she genuinely means a witness like so what you would gather from society as this. Is the simulate if someone sees you in your subterfuge of breaking into zimmer this you're gonna have to show that you can dispatch. People who have senior true identity faking this lot of hesitation. Are you not okay. Dispatching witnesses. We just want to be very clear on the rules. That's all these full. Weeks have been a law of saying one thing and doing another subsidy future. Disobeying absolutely sure that we are ready for this test. Preparation is of course some of the best times of my less. Well you can eliminate the witnesses however you feel as best that is up to you. Remember just an illusion. I will pick up the mask you put it on. I'm waiting to see whatever else does all right out of three..

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