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On the bridge so you. Should, expect delays the latest forecast from the News. Radio seven hundred wwl w weather center I heart radio station For the rest of the afternoon we'll see a high, of eighty one cloudy tonight and a low of sixty two there'll be some patchy fog in. The morning on Sunday but sunshine in the afternoon with a high of eighty two there is a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms developing on Monday a high of eighty one that's your forecast from seven hundred wwl w it's seventy seven. Degrees right now the search for a missing. Northern Kentucky man appears to be over. A body was found in Red River gorge this. Morning near where less Reynolds had gone missing the Florence man was on a hiking trip it was last heard from Tuesday. Night the coroner is now working to identify the body the state of. Ohio is helping parts of Clermont county affected by the Ohio river flooding and a tornado from February governor John. Casick signed off yesterday on over nine hundred thousand dollars in reimbursement, the city of Cincinnati is getting a five million dollar federal grant. Helped pay for a new western hills viaduct this is the first, grant money that will go toward. The project the county City of agreed to pay thirty three billion dollars a piece with the total replacement cost estimated around three hundred thirty billion dollars a reds updates the reds and Phillies. Again tonight a great American ballpark Matt Harvey. Gets the start for Cincinnati our pre. Game coverage will start at five forty soccer tonight. FC Cincinnati welcomes LA Liga's are CD Espanol to nip stadium for an international friendly kickoff for that match is at seven. Thirty our next update will be at two o'clock Rick NewsRadio seven.

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