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Maybe because they know that that makes them look bad, and so I guess I'll end it with like. It is certainly possible to feel compassion for it feel heartbroken I. For the loss of life in also care for the also care for the police right like we can do both, and that sort of where I am on the subject, but. Had to speak out on, it just had to yeah. Yeah no I. Appreciate you sharing. I mean I know these are sensitive subjects and certainly questions. You'll get asked more as you get further down the race, leading up to November but. Yes, it's a pretty unfortunate situation you talk about holding these people accountable and I think we need to. I, think the police department needs to the police. Force generally needs to because if you don't, it undermines the integrity of law enforcement officers throughout the country like they should be policing themselves your right, and if you read their use of force guidelines for the what is the Minneapolis? Police there's nothing in the use of force guidelines that says a knee on the carotid artery is acceptable. Nothing in there and so. You know yes, we need. We need to hold those gentlemen accountable and we need to do everything we can The delivered to deliver justice for the family I mean. I've seen a lot of terrible things in my day. You know in in combat in watch Tumen beings terrible things to one another, but that was that was up. There was a pretty bad thing that that I. witnessed was pretty terrible and like I, said I'm not. I'm not saying that the that the officers don't deserve their day in court they do. They deserve the opportunity to defend themselves. And I'm certainly not trying to jump the judgment, but. I can say certainly that that man did not deserve to die. Tough situations. There's some real real. Real tough situations that we all need to deal with so I appreciate men like you stepping up and being willing to have those conversations and to do that work. We certainly need honorable men, moral men capable men like yourself. Leading this country in the right direction, thanks brother. I appreciate it. I I. You know I. Tell You I. Don't know I'm not always going to have the right answers I'm not even always going to have the answers, but. You Bet that I'm going to work hard to get them. You know and. You can bet that I'm always going to do right by the people, so yeah, you know. I I appreciate you having me on I, really do I know that I'm being running for political office. Probably that you probably don't have my kind of guests on all the time, so I appreciate I don't know that I ever have. To this point now where you know. I I guess it's just my motive to Piss people off at this point I guess I don't know. It seems like that seemed to be the trend over the past several weeks, so I figured. Let's just keep rolling with it. That's great. That's great man, but I appreciate it. I really do I mean yeah, you know, and I love the I. Love Watching your show anytime. I'll be there for you. Bro, thanks, man, good well. I appreciate you, thanks. Thanks for taking your time I know you're busy and wish you all the luck and success as you lead up to the span. Thanks, thanks all right. I'll talk you later. Gentleman there you go my conversation with the one and only Sean Parnell hope you enjoyed that. One Shawn's such a humble guy very down to earth very reasonable in his approach to life in politics and him, being a father and husband, just a member of his community, some man in general and I think you'll agree whether you agree with his politics or not that he's level headed that he had some good things to share and. Got Me thinking about politics in general have always dismissed and rejected politics, but. It's becoming. Clear to me that maybe this is something that I ought to look into a little bit more in maybe you to in your own area. I don't I. Don't think we can absolve ourselves of the responsibility of. Leading our communities, our cities or municipalities, and even the even the federal government it's it's painful what we're experiencing now and I think the way one of the ways that we impact changes by getting involved so out the spark some thoughts and ideas for you. In got you thinking about getting involved in the power of of genuine men who are honorable and committed and dedicated what they can actually do when they throw their hat in the ring. And get involved with their with their politics, local state and federal leadership so there it is give me some feedback. Guys, let me know hit Sean up on Instagram on twitter. I think is most active I'm on instagram mostly in twitter as well both at Ryan, mettler, which thought about the show on the conversation. And what? You're going to be taking away what you're going to be applying if you have. Recommendations for podcast. Guests hit me up. Please share this take twenty seconds right now. As soon as this ends, just go in love, rating and review for the PODCAST. That goes a long way I. Think we have like forty one forty two hundred reviews at this point. It, should be over five even ten thousand, and if we can do that then we're really going to see a boost in the chart, which is great. The boosting the charts is great I'm very competitive by. But more than that more people will see it, and that's the goal. More men will see this more men hopefully will learn how to step up more fully in their lives and their families lives and the lives of their community members. And then we'll all be better off for it and all it takes. Is.

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