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The most recent movie that had one hundred percent that came out in two thousand eight that was the documentary may i watched that if it's okay but again another guy who went through the un empires oh that's round the empire the twintower that's right a liner whatever riot seattle one then what's his phase said joseph gordon levitt played that guy in the movie the draw dramatization of it and he did a really good chad who can't remember the name the movie but i'll get back to you on that by the way if you guys were wondering titanic has eighty percent on round so what would get only fifty nine percent from the audience no that's insanity sixty nine percent because it was too long it says it was too long and it's too horrific beck the on ones that are that ever again notes amazing about titanic hit it to my knowledge never had a weekend over fifty or sixty million dollars oh what what it did was it stayed in theaters it was number one look like a gazillion weeks in a row okay so that a moderate number and people just kept seeing it more people set off i can see this low in the day aw really unique flow and steady wins the race all right when we come back you guys let's not about rules first spoilers 'cause there are rules that you have to follow okay well that more coming up next on my talk when i 71 loriann julia half was goodlooking bad of his younger days i never got self is three zero the big knows that unlike is no and and all of a big knows the man yeah whoa what are you look at you don't have that big of a knows love number you have a nose and that'll put in italian swedish knows i do best cutest knows hill i say voted that curious knows in the eighth grade pasko has never had there but i'm just getting some of the gary they do ninety innings yet i got as big as the girls get a foreign affairs allow thought and all stay performing in the move action i yeah lorry and julia with producer donny love on my top 1 of.

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