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$50 depending on your event distance Visit marine marathon dot com It's 6 38 on TOP Time for traffic and weather together on the 8th we go to Steve dresser now in the traffic center in Maryland Montgomery counting on the capitol bell we the outer loop as we're finding through our traffic camera we're still dealing with crash activity in the clearing stages right on the American legion bridge still blocking the left lane in the delays or back up to the big curve and it still remains slow coming down from the two 70 spur onto the outer loop of the capitol beltway Or let's take that trip across the American legion bridge in a Virginia on the outer loop As we approach the exit for the GW Parkway one broken down on the right side and also on the outer loop of coaching the dulles toll road work is currently set up for the weekend blocking the left lane As we head down the GW Parkway we have crash activity currently on the south outside right near the scenic overlook which only a single lane gets by Oh we're not done on the southbound side As we continue down along the river we now have a second crash on that southbound side as we cross a key bridge right after the key bridge apparently the crash only has a single lane getting by on that southbound side of the GW Parkway Westbound 66 very slow approaching the fairfax county Parkway The tractor trailer crash still in place blocking the right lane causing a bit of a delay eastbound We're very slow right near nutley street The word tone is set up block and the left planes staying on the eastbound side approaching the capitol beltway crash activity currently blocks the right side of the roadway Manas is areas southbound 28 year Leland road one broken down bus collar tells me currently blocks the left lane In the district crash activity inbound New York avenue at Montana avenue blocks the left lane We're very slow in both directions on the freeway D.C. United has a home game tonight at Audi field as 7 30 start Of course increased volume on the freeway you can expect D.C. two 95 I two 95 and south capitol street Over our Maryland northbound on the BW Parkway Joe just update us we just cleared up crash activity approaching four ten All traveling is now open Have a favorite podcast you'll certainly find it at audible listen to thrillers motivation comedy and more with podcasts best sellers in a regionals all in one app Sign up and start free and audible dot com Steve dresner WT traffic You thank you Now let's get your storm team four four day forecast Here's NBC four's clay Anderson good evening Good evening Dale good evening everyone Will The Rain showers have moved across our region They're just about done unless you're going across highway 50 Highway 50.

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