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Buying made easier. It's possible with Hyundai shopper assurance. Visit Hyundai USA dot com slash opera shirts for program details. And now a look back at this week in history. This week in eighteen eighty three after fourteen years, and twenty-seven desks while being constructed the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River is opened connecting the great cities of New York and Brooklyn for the first time in history. Thousands of residents of Brooklyn and Manhattan island turned out to witness the dedication ceremony, which was presided over by president Chester Arthur and New York governor Grover Cleveland designed by the late John a Roebling the Brooklyn Bridge was the largest suspension bridge ever. Built to that date this week in nineteen thirty four notorious criminals, Bonnie Parker, and CLYDE barrow are shot and killed by Texas. Louisiana state police while driving a stolen car in Louisiana, Bonnie Parker met the charismatic, CLYDE, barrow in Texas, when she was nineteen years old shortly after they met CLYDE was imprisoned for robbery Parker visited him every day, and smuggled a gun into prison to help him escape, but he was soon caught in Ohio and sent back to jail, when CLYDE was paroled in nineteen thirty two immediately hooked up with Bonnie and the couple began their now famous life of crime together this week in nineteen thirty five major league baseball holds its first night game. The Cincinnati Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies to one across the field in Cincinnati courtesy of recently installed lights the game drew twenty five thousand fans and this week in one thousand nine hundred five to the likely dismay of Washington DC bound road trip is hoping for glimpse of the presidential residence through their car windows. President Bill Clinton, primarily closes the two block stretch of Pennsylvania.

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