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Box Canyon had been quiet for decades but by nineteen fifty seven. It was bustling with activity. A new group had moved into the small ravine and our outside of Los Angeles Barefoot men and women clad in robes were busy preparing for the end of the world. They were hard at work. Farming the land and erecting large stone structures to live in. There are only about one hundred members of the group but they were laying the groundwork to eventually house one hundred forty four thousand. They believed that they're fearless leader. Krishna VENTA would shepherd them all through the apocalypse. Instead within a year their entire society would come crumbling down in a firestorm. Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and this is colts. A podcast original. This is the fifteenth episode in our Daily Series on the strange prophecies made by different cults and their leaders throughout this month. We're taking a daily look at the myriad of apocalyptic predictions to try and uncover. What makes these revelations so appealing? I'm here with my co host. Greg Poulsen everyone today. We're discussing Krishna. Venta members of his group the Fountain of the World held firm in their belief. That VENTA was the second coming of Christ. He would be the one to help. Guide them through World War three and the Fast Approaching Race War Krishna. Venta I started to make his rounds as a spiritual speaker in the nineteen forties. He traveled the country spreading his beliefs and soliciting donations. Over time his message evolved by the nineteen forties. He was pushing a message of spiritual enlightenment and everlasting life. It wasn't long before he claimed to be Christ and then he started to amass a following but he needed a place for all of his followers to go. That's when he found a small piece of land near Chatsworth. California called Box Canyon. Everything about it was perfect. It was far away from a large city but it was close enough for recruitment efforts in the nineteen fifties. Dentists started to preach about a coming race war between black and white communities. He said the Soviets would take this opportunity. When the United States was vulnerable to launch an attack one that would wipe out the government. Bente said this new. Soviet regime would outlaw acts of religion and the people of the United States would be enslaved but those in Box Canyon would remain safe under his protection they would emerge to start a religious revolution that would overthrow the new. Soviet government when all was said and done bente would be the ruler of this new world in an era of Cold War fear people clogged event as promise of safety and flocked to Box Canyon but everything inside the community was not as holistic as Venta. Made it seem. He was controlling and demanding of his followers time. He made enemies when he kicked two men out of the group in Nineteen fifty eight. They had accused him of having affairs with their wives. And Bento wasn't having it but just because he kicked him out didn't mean they would stay gone on December tenth nineteen fifty eight. They snuck back into box. Canyon strapped with dynamite. They confronted Venta in the middle of the night inside his large stonehouse in Box Canyon Day wanted revenge. They wanted his life. A fireball erupted out of the building and the blast was so large that it could be felt over a mile away the assailants killed ten people in total defectively brought the end of the group. Many the fountain of the world held onto the hope. That Bento would one day come back. But as the months ticked by and he didn't materialize. The group slowly split apart yet years later a few remained in box canyon hopeful that. Venta would come back home. There they would still talk with curious passers ply about their beliefs telling them of the coming race war while many didn't take their claim seriously. One young man from Ohio did and his name was Charles Manson..

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