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Don't cheat him thirty one point comeback for the ages. Can they follow it up with a win over the warriors? Can it make tuna row? Can they go up to one? It's just a huge that is a huge possibility. But for me, you know, obviously, I haven't done the schedule relief. NFL guy NFL network all that stuff. This this fascinates me. So coming in over the last several weeks. Who are the patriots gonna play on opening night? We were wondering who are they going to play them well on opening Sunday night. Again, the one hundred NFL season is gonna launch with not the banner raising in New England on Thursday night. That's been traditional that. We've seen the banner raised on Thursday nights for years, with the exception of the ravens having to open up and get blown out by Peyton Manning in Denver because the Orioles already had or he had the. The nest area in Baltimore all locked up. Remember that they put the ravens on the road. There was no switch in it for various reasons that couldn't be ridiculous without looking back on it. That was ravens had to open up at Peyton Manning and get their you know, what's kicked six touchdown night. They man sane tough spot. Hey, congratulations. You win the Super Bowl now. Go to Denver. No put up against Peyton Manning. Seven touchdowns sorrow either just the the clippers in the same way you pay. Anyway. So to me, I think the NFL's not too keen on the banner raising on Thursday nights. They they the Commissioner I believe is the one who's also from what I've heard leading the charge here wanting to raise the banner as an exclamation point to the first Sunday. Everybody's fired up. Football's back now, we're raising a banner it'll be a nice quick moment on NBC as opposed to a full on our long pre-game show, where the whatever this year's version of the rascal flats is performing in some sort of public square in the town where those the opener probably imagine dragons there, everyone is the imagine dragons this decades version of rascal flats, I mean, they're different different type of music. I think there this year there. This decades version of Nickelback. From within sight words for my kids with rock on. This fight words for Koop. Koop loves him, some imagine dragons, and based on the fact that he wants to listen to radio Disney, otherwise, I'm all into imagine dragons. But anyway, didn't mean to go down a rascal flats where molar look I think from now on we're going to see the banner raising on Sunday nights. I think this this year is gonna be phenomenal with the Packers bears opening up. And then it's gonna look great having a banner as at the end of Sunday night. I think the NFL is going to go this way from now on that's my prediction, and sometimes more often than not I'll be honest with you. I'm going to be one of those sports talk radio's Pat myself on the back for being right? I'm kinda right when I'm supposing on the NFL. They're called educated guesses people. I told you patriots who would be best to open up against chiefs. Patriots. You want to have that piece of filet Mignon served up and also NBC has had that game. For the last two years NBC had it on Sunday night last year was the opener two years ago. Right chiefs and patriots. It was so he's routed them. So we and it was a shock. We aren't going to get it again for third year on NBC got a share the wealth. Sure enough. That's a CBS game that we'll talk about with Nance later on when he joins us in our number three and Cleveland versus New England to me. Does not give Cleveland the best chance to materialize into the potentially AFC north championship team notice. I said that I I'm not buying into Cleveland being a Super Bowl contender. I can't I need to see how they play. I and and it's not the NFL's job to give a team leg up..

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