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The palm facing forward that will open up kind of the palm side of the hand and talk to your primary care physician. If you think you may have or are developing carpal tunnel syndrome? James Rowe, hus- WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio coming up, how the weekend cookout my get you grilled in more ways than one eight thirty three traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers knowing all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Here's day some problems for the mass pike on the pike exit ramp to route one forty six there's an overturned flatbed tractor trailer truck only one lane gets by most of its load of PVC, materialists come off and gone into a drainage, ditch pass that the pike eastbound slow from the westborough service plaza four ninety five and then most of the way from route nine to the Pru tunnel along the way that backup is three car crash in the left lane before. Route sixteen route two westbound has reports of a disabled vehicle in the left lane at Waltham street in Lexington north of town. One twenty eight southbound heavy and slow walnut street pass Washington street tap of the brakes, getting by route thirty eight and beyond that sop and go from route three to propel road. Four ninety five southbound slow from two thirteen past ninety three northbound four ninety five is locked up getting by route three a crash in some debris in that backup and route three southbound stop and go from one ten to treble cove road. And then backed up close to a mile at one twenty eight David Streff, Alina, WBZ traffic on the threes. Fifty nine degrees. It is sunny. In Boston breezy, cooler, less humid day today. We'll see the sunshine mixing with some clouds temperatures right around that seventy degree Mark seventy downtown Boston. A bit warmer inland and cooler on the Cape. And on the shore tonight, clearing breezy, cool fifty two downtown into the forties for most suburbs, and tomorrow as well as Thursday. Sunshine, a bit of a breeze. Each day. Day and high temperatures in the upper sixties hundred.

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