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Know, you have a lot to say, yes. And I I not at all mean that in a, you know. Yeah. In a way because you need to have a lot to say, yes is definitely Har. I mean in the one thing about women in radio is that we're able to give a voice, and and of course, address a lots lots of issues that someone not that they don't wanna talk about it. They just can't sometimes you can't even articulate just so many emotions involved the worst together, we use as I, you know, that's, you know, so your voice on radio is necessary. And why okay so Tuesdays and Wednesdays who's as in Wednesday's at six PM this coming Tuesday. I'll have KiKi on my show KiKi is the mother of the eleven year old black girl who was brutalized at white horse middle school by one of the atman or behavior specialists. So she'll be onto discuss not only the incident, but the aftermath for her and her daughter and the trauma, and the difficulty they have had with getting. Back to normal. I'm so again like in our in our regular, news and media outlets. They we've stopped talking about the incident as if it went away Robert Mueller within Madison times, Madison dot com article. And he Robert Mueller is the person who abused her daughter in front of her her door to class are eleven year old black girl, and he did not take any responsibility. And the coverage of the incident is, you know, very minimum because it's a black kid. You know, I'm in his response to the allegations was, you know, he didn't do it. He yanked out her hair on accident. But we know from the child Protective Service report that it was definitely not an accident. So we'll be talking to the mom on Tuesday. And we'll be discussing the the trauma and the difficulties for black girls in Madison metropolitan school district. And we'll be further in that conversation on Wednesday. We've talking about how black girls are their challenges are not being talked about how we're coming up missing. And how. A we're our girls are being arrested at a higher rate now than the boys. But because the patriarchy we we tend to focus on the challenges black boys face. So we're gonna make it more inclusive and see what happens. Okay. Yeah. Save all all that for your show. And yet. No, absolutely. So y'all really going to get really real on this. Yes. Absolutely. Okay. Really real on the show in are there. Potty word restraints for you. Yeah. I can't which is hard for me. Because I like express myself cuss words a lot. But the nice thing is that I get to talk about whatever I wanna talk about. Yeah. So that helps me, and I don't think I made a boo boo on Friday. My first show ever. I did not cause I did have my guests Mike down too low. But you know, I'm working on that. Right. You gotta check those EV you ever need any help or how to work those things you gotta continue to check those levels. We gotta provide. And that's also I mean, there's lots of consider. Yeah. In radio broadcasting because even if you're saying, you know, all the things that need to be said, you gotta make sure people here. Yeah..

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