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In lower manhattan calatrava is however no stranger to controversy many of his detractors side delays and overspends as hallmarks of psalm of he's more ambitious projects but he's fans see he's envelope pushing and eyecatching designs as some of the most unique and innovative all our age monaco's contributing editor david me sean got comfy with calatrava at the lanesborough hotel in london to speak about the ongoing project and why he's always wanted to leave a mark on london a first one into just ask you a question about your trajectory because obviously you have found a lot of success now but what for you are the kind of milestones to get to the place you are now in the place your practice is today world said the lee duties up their who wore said shown that they have done when i was said thirty three it will stay unified waystation needs shooting gaston hoping and it was crucial because he was the confrontation with all the difficulties that bring any tells you see to design at station from the technical point of view but also because he was a brilliant in the middle of the cd and also in a busy sensible blaze hope the cd in which a separate out parts of the cd was combing together not delhi got he shouldn't point between green not ask with the cd on more consolidate that this he de blasio son and then having to do with all the problems so the admission the impact the and also following almost he not day by day duting eight years usinor delusional diplomatic dundee lift construction so i think this was the place where i has done my must there if you wonder sayed like.

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