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It's clear now that if he had fallen to send unite with chopped his head off but he was not her in. So there is that there's that little shedding of blood and now going will wear that green sash to remind him of his imperfection to remind him of his shame when garwin goes back to camelot at the very end of the palm. And everybody else. Here's the story. They take the green sash as a markov. Great they all start wearing it. Yeah they'll start wearing. It's right and it is a marker bonner and gawain is in this story right if we believe the story. The world of the story going is the best so going didn't fall through less didn't fall through greed. He fell through fear of his own life and the giant doesn't really hold it. Hold it against him too much. But conway is just mortified and shorty. My shame forever. And i confess my sin to you completely and i'm never gonna forget this and I i'm gonna wear it this the girdle whenever so whenever i'm high hearted you know i. I will turn it down a little this and her. Yeah and isn't that basically the the whole meaning of original sin right. i mean we can't save. We can't attain perfection no matter how hard we try. is only when we put on christ christ makes us perfect. He works through our will and in our will. But it's only christ right It is not. I but christ who lives in saint paul right so that we both do the things that we do with our will but we are allowing christ to do those things in us in through us and the lesson here is basically the lesson of that surface circumcision. The old right not safe and the old. The old law was a law of justice. After all it. Was the lex. Talionis the law of retribution. Exact retribution if you take somebody else's i get yours. I really go kind of weary of hearing. Christians talk about this. If this were somehow evil this was just is fundamentally joss and god in the in the tara was placing a severe limit on the vengeance. The people to take right I tooth for tooth life for life right. Well that's the game being set up by the green knight you take this on condition that exactly one year so wait we now. In new these circles. I get to take the same. Wow that is pretty theological. It's very illogical. Yeah and you can. You can start working that out through all the images in the poem. I mean it's it's part of the beauty and the charm of this story is that it really is about what by our standards very slight imperfection you know And and the light touch with which it ends. Where going takes it very seriously. It's maybe you could say it's venial sent and he takes it today. We might just call it a fault. You know not even ascend and but he takes it so seriously. He's so contrite about it and then the giant response by taking it lightly by being merciful now and both attitudes are correct. Yes exactly and and so here..

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