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Running office apps for MacIntosh ended for windows while I'm trying to remember what features it they have doesn't have they have unified the. Owed base. It is a unified code base in years. Past office, MAC and office for windows were entirely separate animals. They did not share unified code base and with office two thousand sixteen they do. And so what is what has happened here is that they have aligned and underlying it all is the same heart. Now, some features aren't surfaced in some features aren't present and the UI is different, but at the heart of it, these things are now the same. And that's a big victory because it was a monumental undertaking except surely much softwood like Todd is a slow up on. I honor doesn't crashes often was the MAC, so that doesn't sound like it can have all these features these hang of compile time, perhaps they choose to that. Yeah, absolutely. So that suggests that this than just component for a different machine for the that make choices of optimization will look subdued. Oh, that's to put office on max small. They want to reach as many people as they can, especially in the age of Google docs, especially in the age where they would face antitrust again or face complaints. Again, if if they did not have office on platform, so it is something that they would definitely do. The question is, could they poured it? And I think the answer is yes, as as many different architectures they've currently got it going for anyway. I mean they are visited arm with surface RT and not forgotten about that. Yes or no, you know, well that they're doing it again. They've got another product other arm in it, so they're going to keep looking at this and they're gonna make sure that office runs on it, whatever it is if we compile it for arm for the other thing and the code base is unified than our MAC gets. It's well. Okay. That makes sense. I think it's an interesting change in the world where before allegedly, arguably, MC soft at didn't go on the ipads because. Wasn't gonna succeed in it was it was going to be a rival and now feel like that's actually what's broken. Mike subs hold on would predecessor uses well, they've. Remember when they said that they were still focusing on what windows phone could be right now that we know that the answer is nothing that that windows phone took a dirt nap that this is not an issue, but I wanna talk about something else that popped up in Mingji close note, which is that besides his thinking that that this changes apple into a full stack arm shop a full stack shopper. They own everything including the graphics processor end the CPU because they would obviously if they're putting any series chicken MAC that they're also working on advanced driver systems systems for the apple car. And at that will also use a TSMC chip that is he said the launch, he thinks between twenty twenty three and twenty twenty five. So the apple cau- is not dead while we knew that it wasn't dead, but it's, it's still there. It's still evolving. Now there he thinks it's either going to support high automation of driver tasks or complete automation, including Navin driving. Now, this is interesting because we know that the apple maps crew out were dry. The world to to map everything. And I actually spotted an apple maps vehicle last weekend. I was standing in much driveway preparing for a road trip and the apple maps minivan rolled past my street. Did you follow it? I did not, but I photographed it. Okay. I think evidence if people following Patchett news, Google maps. 'cause just getting ahead of it a few times so that they would becomingly recorded somewhere now and you know, Google does this thing where they blur phases out and I expect apple as well if they'd even give us a street view. But if there's a street view from apple maps, they'll see me holding my iphone up photographing them, but I took rapid fire shots. I've got really great pictures of the apple Macs vehicle driving past me. I know nothing about. 'cause he said, particularly, notable type opposite cameras..

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