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I was at the I was a Bobby deniro through who was yeah I'll try member which Cobb was out by about sixty three out at home I mean the the catcher weight form Daniel Sir or madam Imelda is that it was I can see this why can't write a book I can't member but Bobbi Benito through the through the deal through a a fast ball like right on the diamond and it it could monsters three times in the store got got there in time and Chuck IDA center this is third base coach and ex more I wrote it was an ill advised decision by third base coach Chuck county a an area that's a rip job you know god help us all on so he was in the dugout with the paper rolled up and he was a lake Calhoun wrote that some like I he goes you know he'll advise was I mean I'm like bill advised that the long run decision what demi I'll start off with he said he also will be also question the discovery ports on these guns on the Mike now you said the the Scott report said about the Neil Simon I said now tell me he said it was average I still was average enough to get back up by sixty feet let me ask you a question yeah that sentences decision to make today they had that same year situation which make the same decision he said sure I what I said but you're dumber than I thought and that was pretty much the end of our season conversation we are not talking about jobs like that need to be between to cover it up so if I they're produced hundreds of your show so I know a lot of these stories but yeah yeah he told sada why don't you write the book is told to Brian Hanley cycle Brian Hanley I always get stories I hope the book comes out you've got a you've got a million stories I've heard a lot of them I use these put that penned the paper graduate this year on under the hood with childhood on ESPN one thousand and the ESPN app and and we give you some of the great clips from the really interesting conversations that we've had in twenty nineteen including conversation with Leon Rogers Leon Rogers part of later with Leon the show that's on fox and course mornings on WGCI actually the voice of one of the hood you can hear a lot of our our bumpers are in our opens are produced and you are voiced by Leon Rogers really the voice of this program and Leon because he works in music knew everything about a big story twenty nineteen R. Kelly so some thoughts from Leon Rogers regarding on the R. Kelly situation.

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