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All right let's start with you coach what is what's ben rothlisberger role in mason rudolph developments first of all i think this couldn't have worked out better for the steelers if drafting mason rudolph where they drafted him to motivates ben rothlisberger too up his game and to stay for three to five more years that fantastic now the question is once he gets into camp and men takes look at mason says okay this guy's not that big of a threat or valuation and it's not quite what he expected i think that could change your madly in terms of his responsibility for for his for for the development i don't think anybody's responsible for anybody else's development that the player ultimately is responsible for his own developing the organizational help that what you would like is that ben take step back and think about his legacy and think maybe i can help this guy take over when i eventually do do leave what ideally is a coach ideally what does pin if you're the coach the steelers what has been rob burgers relationship with mason rudolph like you'd want it to be one that that has a mentoring component to it and you'd want mason rudolph so do a lot of things to help ben prepared during the week oftentimes those young quarterbacks can do some research either on the defensive backs or a component of a game plan that maybe the starter hasn't been able to spend as much time on and that he brings some value into the quarterback room into the meeting room that that's additional to what the coaches are giving them to me the story is been rothlisburger and him changing from how long he's going to play that's the biggest part of the story i know this the nfl is not a business that you can do year to year unless you are lea year fourteen fifteen sixteen seven you're drew brees if you're tom brady you can go year to year but when you're in your mid thirties the way ben was and with the type of team and organization support that he had around him and the type of support it is critical that the organization annual teammates no man i am totally bought into this it's important for them to know that football issue number one business besides your family that playing football and playing well that's what your team mates in organization need to know.

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