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We'll go with writers for the sake of the interesting aspect. Is the Bidens gonna lose? And the Supreme Court and they know it for justice is already said that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court cannot adjust voting rules and they can't focus. The state Legislature is the only body Empowered. To change voting rules. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court can't do it. All they can do is is way in on efforts that have been made, but they cannot do it themselves. We got a new justice Justice Bharat And she says that she's there to apply the rules in the Constitution, Okay? One of that, that she does if she does, and if the Supreme Court takes a case if it goes there and if you remove the after 8 p.m. ballots Then Biden loses those 20. This guy says Biden loses Pennsylvania. If you take away the ballots that Alito wants set aside that anything after eight o'clock an election night is illegal. Pennsylvania Supreme Court said No, It's not. We're gonna allow him. The point is, they can't make that rules change. Another full quote. Excuse me. We have. Bloggers with lots of time on their hands are going through voter rolls, and they're showing that Person after person who voted in a swing state also fought in the Civil War may be fought in the war of 18 12. It was funny at first, all these dead people voting. But then the overwhelming number of dead voters goes beyond humor, Another rubbing our faces in it, he says. I think Donald J. Trump has to swing one state. Not only is this thing not over the Biden team must be sweating bullets. This is all his opinion, voter fraud and a scale seemed like a really cool idea until Trump went to the mattresses now that he's fighting it out. One voter in a time with the Supreme Court likely to create the starting point it Biden to 70. Biden has everything to lose no more truckloads of votes coming in so every ballot Trump's team eliminates gets President Elect Biden one step closer to former VP Biden who lives in a basement, Okay, so this is just a sample of some of the stuff that's out there. People are reading it. They're getting revved up and excited. I don't blame you. But the real process is going to take some time. Eliminating Biden ballot is going to take time. It's not gonna happen just because somebody says they saw something. I'm not I'm not trying to be critical or marking of anybody. Don't don't misunderstand. Here's another one. Top attorney Lin Wood, This guy's a First Amendment lawyer. Free speech. Listen. Guy defended the Covington kids. And got.

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