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Now. These top stories to include reading police responding to a shooting incident Saturday afternoon, no arrest has been made. Teenager suffered a gunshot wound last we checked in critical condition at a local hospital. They believe the male teen who was shot knows the shooter or shooters. Police tweeted Saturday. There's no additional threat to the public. By the way. The shooting occurred on Northeast third Court just east of the rent in technical college area. And one woman dead. Six people hurt after a stabbing at a library in north Vancouver, British Columbia. Police say there is a man right now in custody who they believe acted alone and the motive remains unknown. One official says that man accused was taken to the hospital after he appeared to stab himself. Before he collapsed and was arrested. That's almost Michelle Esteban Vandals in downtown Seattle, leaving messages behind for Seattle police and one Directed to the chief of police, Adrian DS, a small group of protesters. One was arrested. One message targeted chief DS himself. That message reads Adrien de as your next We reached out to both Seattle police and a spokesperson for the chief for comment, and we're still waiting to hear back almost leave. Stole a surgeon Harassment violence targeting Asian Americans has reached a tipping point compasses and found reports on the National Day of Action and Healing aimed at giving people the platform to talk. It was probably hear that We really do have a lot of shared experiences. But Connie so with Organization of Chinese Americans in Seattle hot online for the virtual stop Asian Hate Day of action and healing. She's not the only one. We're working with our elected.

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