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Love women in wind by the way I love women in wine. It's in there aren't aren't very many of us growing but during four. No VINO Voy a shop in Silverlake my old neighborhood. I just moved out of but they only sell female made wines. Who is that true? I would love to go check that out. The only one I think the world they'll only like feet specifically female made winemaker store in the world. That's super interesting. And I thought you were going to talk about Helen's island's minds and I love Helen. Helen learning. I'm new to the wind. Helen on the PODCAST. Oh my gosh. She's incredible I'll connect you good. Can't wait and okay so I don't even know where wasn't you're a busy woman. You're running a wine or your product right right and I'm in this world of you know you can't can't even be on a store shelf with less than five products because people walk right past right exactly and people don't understand you have to have a system. We're all taught you have to have this system. You step one step up to three four five right but I wanted as much performance as I possibly could get in a few of products possibly could get. What a concept I know what a concept concept and For me everything else felt like marketing. It felt like you were just trying to sell me more stuff. Because you are revenue driven versus. I wanted to company that was skin driven. Yes and and And it presented incredible challenges to just have one product mean. Everyone thinks it's a genius marketing idea now but back then it was. It was really hard for people to take take me seriously for retailers to pick me up no retailer understood. What what they were GonNa do with me? They would fall in love with the product and then they would quickly tell me. Call us back when you've got more product right right because we need A. We need to fill shelf up. You got it and so I would sort of sit there and think oh my gosh. What Well that's the whole point. We're not gonNA. I'M NOT GONNA keep introducing new products. It's every three months and partly it's also so that you can stay in this sort of cycle of news right and how people talk to you like we were very lucky to have so many So much press right but no physical magazines because in order to have ever been in fiscal magazine it has to be new right and so three three years into it for years into it five years into it. We don't have we don't have new. That's not what we're driven by were driven by skin. And so it's it's been a little bit of Challenge Yeah I. I wonder how well that's a whole other question. Like how did you get this sermon. People's hands we grew and I I am again like so incredibly grateful for this and I we grew girlfriend to girlfriend. Yes GEETA old school marketing of mouth word of mouth in so attributes. Exactly right and so it went from like you know sisters telling Sisters Co workers telling you I mean you've got to the point where people getting stopped on the street and they were saying what what are you doing to your skin now like me. I just did that to you and so it really. I mean that's one hundred percent. How we we've never paid for marketing? Gene we've never paid for anything like that. It's it's one hundred percent only not even having instagram. That long ago it was bad I was trying to find in. Yeah I was like this can't be the you know. There's fakers out there maybe I was spelling I mean I think we had. We had an instagram. And of course that was a huge part of this is g g grows. Everybody's tags it and whatever everybody's got a platform well that's the first time I heard of nurse daughter was. I believe it was Stephanie Nicole on Youtube Oh ooh that's another person. You should have responded to my message. Only Gosh I will text her when we get off and I will. I will put in a word for you. We yeah she's she's what I'm about. Well she's real. She's amazing. Yeah and she lives in La now she does she lives we. I told her on in the message I went to her website type but I was like I will drive to you. I will drive her. I Will Make Jessica my engineer. We'll have a beach day right Jessica. Yes she's she's so smart. Oh Yeah we'll my honeys would lose it to. They were all obsessed with our. Okay so how okay. Let's talk about these twenty two products twenty two innings. Yes let's talk throughout the twenty two ingredients. Okay I can only imagine how you found these twenty explained to me like it says twenty two of of the world's most active banana. What does that mean? Yeah so multidirectional so so so in our mind it was How do we again? How do we feed the skin everything it needs? And how do we Have as much performance as we possibly can get in his feud with products as possible. So did you start. You're sticking your nose in books I mean. How do you know to buy hazelnut care? How did you know that's exactly right? I did so much research. I had an incredible team. Three different teams of chemistry formulators who helped with Active Botanical Serum and also with with active treason's. We have thirty five ingredients. So it's even it's sort of you know even doubled down on that and what's even more kind of crazy out. There is that many of these ingredients start as whole plants so most concurs made within hours literally like six hours every bottle of Octopus Tentacle Serum Takes Twenty one days to make every bottle of active treatment. Essence takes thirty five days to make. It's truly like wine honey. Ah Well but so again so I'm trying to go find a lab right to get me to make my products and I'm thinking. Oh my gosh coming again. Coming from winemaking takes three years to make about aligned. And I'm thinking we're GONNA make the most amazing skin care in the world and it's only gonNA take three weeks. This is genius. Yeah and I got turned away from every last year we are trying to boss Algal money. Honey totally I mean. I don't I don't blame him. I understand but you know in the same amount of time where they could make my my run. They could make five hundred hundred. Companies runs in air by trying to make that money. That is true. Yeah but you are skinned driven company. I would I mean listen we also have to be profitable radio. I WANNA I WANNA I wanna pay our employees. Well I wanNA have great benefits. We have this two percent Giving back to charities. That's really important. Me and I wanNA see that grow. I want to continue to work with the finest finest ingredients so we have to be profitable But but it but it but it is a different kind of way to look at it when you're making decisions based on on quality in the skin and the ingredients versus just pure revenue in is your serum maiden Napa Very close to nap bets. Meaning wine country just south of now. I was just on a tour in Napa as I mentioned and I learned so much about wine. And how NAPA specifically of a bottle says it's from from NAPA. It's most likely more expensive. Because of the real estate and Napa and and he explain how that I'll have. It was some movie that like the guy in Napa one this huge wine award and it put me on the mass. It was this Oh Gosh now on the map the tasting of Paris. Yes this goes on the map. It was tasting Paris right exactly and it happened in the My Gosh I should I should. I was paying attention to guide. But you're right. It happened in the late. Seventy S and it was this this this competition that brought Napa wines up against the very biased French wines right apple slade and and it was blind tasting exactly and Napa one and then they started somebody came up with the whole wine tasting thing and it drove tourism into Nabala and the rest is history. Haney that's right well NAPA still a pretty small place it's only at its widest. It's only five miles. Why have you eaten French laundry? They have it's incredible. How hard is it to get a raise there because we couldn't pull it off guitar? I think it's pretty hard. Yeah I think you have to do it like month in advance. That's where we W- the issue because if anyone could get a reservation it's ricky she and my my boyfriend's mom. Oh that's just come back. Just make a reservation or you know whatever month in advance and combat and have you flown jets. We'd ex. I flew it down here to Jason Task. Yeah but it was. I don't want to ever go. Every I tell everybody I knew about tweets X. Because I'm so scared it's going to go out of business and I what I wanted to be successful. I wanted to go everywhere. I'm telling you it's not even like it's down much more expensive. I'd even not even at all. You've basically they're these thirty five people planes. They have private hangars right airport. You Roll up you walk ten feet yes you don't go through security. No we'll the security is what they point to a picture with the hand-drawn hand-drawn like gun and bomb and knife. And they ask you like do you have any of this on you say no and then they let you yes and then when you walk another ten feet right onto the plane right. Maybe stop and get a coffee playing corn hole in the hangar. A lovely experience. I totally agree with you. So I'm just telling all the honeys out there to Google X. if you live on the west coast Definitely take it for a trip taking it up to the city take it up to the bay. Honey go wind goes was to Seattle. It goes to Palm Springs it goes to Vegas and he goes to La so anyway we don't work for them. No maybe send us both a flight or something okay. Let's let's talk about some of these ingredients because And then I want to talk about the process like you said the FIDO rates infusion. Let's just I'm going to randomly go through through here. Oh my gosh okay so when you buy when you do people get this when they buy okay so when you receive your vintner's daughter active botanical sound bite from our website if you buy it from the website you get this lovely ingredient guide Which I've been carrying around with me and reading just when I have leisure time? And there's there's some pretty interesting things in here so okay I'll just pick one. Let me ask you about Cyprus. Oh Cypress is a great one okay like who else who's point Cypress and shit. You know what I mean like I I mean I don't know I think ancient Greek texts that we were looking at were texts from you know from all the way you know ancient tax that we were talking. We're talking about many of these ingredients and because they've been you know they. They're they're ingredients in their botanical that have been revered since ancient times medicinal nutrition but Cyprus as a super interesting Cypress why Cyprus is in there is because it is helps with circulation and micro for circulation. So that when you apply active botanical serum your skin. It's helping to bring fresh oxygenated blood to the surface of your skin which.

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