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Nice to be here. It's full of discount. Tell you how nice this venue office try to create by we I mean me and my as you can see so many staff members here personalities huge team. Yeah. Chef you know, it's something that's all start. I feel like in the publicity game eight does. Yeah. Just kind of get back to basics, and it's nice being in such a such a my physical space window with space as she lovely to be around by movie posters because that's what it does get rather abstracts when the talking about film law, you have to remind yourself how much you do love. And you don't just talk about them about one film film until you enjoy lots of does the person talking to do you really like movies or do you like just holding a microphone? What's the slits the truth here? The passion of the movies is the thing that brings me that brings me here today. Without a doubt. Yeah. I I actually it's one of my favorite things to do on on a press tour is to as much as possible if I have downtime just put on a movie, even if I only watch fifteen minutes just to engage with another narrative, and and it's it's the ultimate relaxing to do. And it takes you mind off your own dreadful solipsism and south hatred. Always love cinema watching lately have you caught up are union. The screener season. Yeah. I'm in the midst of it. I am. I mean, the favor is just fantastic. I. Yeah. Beautiful. So he's just such a fabulous taste and everything. And I just I absolutely loved it loved it. So we saw each other very briefly at your Suare last night. Congratulations on the movie on the basis of sexes. Of course. The new one I feel like you had you know, if I wasn't gonna come away loving movie last night, then something was wrong because I was sitting three rows behind Hillary Clinton three rows ahead of Gloria Steinem RV was to my right. It was like you guys stack today. I get it isn't how women that special. It's amazing. Did you get spend some quality time with with MS Clinton? Did I did we own met each other before we went into the screening? And it was a really awesome moment where I was in. I was in a huddle, I was in a puddle with Justice Ginsburg, Hillary Clinton and Gloria Steinem, and if there's one thing that will take away from making this film is that moment that will be indelibly bunt onto my heart and my retinas produce special. Yeah. That doesn't go with film. You've had a few of these. Now, you could probably count theory of everything of one of those kind of special things where it's telling very important Yuning story on this one. I mean Rb g Justice Ginsburg whenever we call her the icon. That is it's it does. It's the cliche. It's feels like it's the right time for the story. But it really does feel like. You know that room, and I feel any room that's gonna see this film. It's ready to celebrate what she's contributed and cellini. I mean, did you come away?.

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