Georgia, Macy, President Trump discussed on Atlanta's Evening News and Rick Erickson


I'm Jay black with EMC security college sports report digging a little deeper to Georgia's top ranked recruiting class now national signing day is in the books six players were added yesterday to give her wrist marked a grand total of twenty five including four five star guys but smart at Macy's changing a little bit on the types of players he recruits chasing guys that don't believe in the same principles of your university they're just not worth it it's the second time you Jay said the consensus number one class in the last two years take me off finishes twenty six it's best ranking since two thousand seven so that'll allow both schools to have a little more peace of mind about the coming season it would have a good security system and give you peace of mind when you're at home which is why I have EMC security joined now by president that's Ryan invents how do you take the warrior way for your customers J. today it's more than about GS security people one stay connected their home they want the ease and the convenience of being able to arm their system see what's going on in the home and they want to be able to lock and unlock doors we offer all these things and system starting at less than two hundred dollars so shop for your system any of the security dot com that's the college sports report on WSP even though we're a city of six million people it's our southern spirit and sense of community that keeps us real I'm Tony weeks and like you my business partner Steve family and I call this place home Steve grew up here raises kids here me too he's an older guy I coach baseball Hobgood Anne's Cobb we take our families to church on Sundays in Woodstock and we're proud to run our business here we are family roofing sure we won multiple national awards in national status is nice but it's not as important US is taking care of you that's why we found in our business I'm building relationships were the first to offer the free roof analysis who's just the right thing to do send an expert out your house take a closer look and make sure everything's okay let us do this for you there's never a charge.

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