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Welcome to the daily podcast. Today is. Wednesday june thirtieth. Mike tyson is fifty five years old. Today i'm the i'm the most brutal in michigan roofless chapman. They've never been. No one can stop me. My style is impetuous my fit impregnable and just ferocious. I want your heart. I'm chris lawn in here your top stories brought to you by rs. Andrews state officials accused buford woman amusing forgery to submit ten thousand dollars worth of fraudulent insurance claims. A softball tournament will be held to benefit lawrenceville resident mardi. Par has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Georgia is seeking to postpone limited medicaid expansion. Gwinnett elections board has hired zach manifold from ohio. To be the county's new election supervise put a county public. Schools is accepting applications for its oversight committee and finally the county bar association has been honored by the state bar of georgia. Plus we'll find out. How georgia united credit union. It's improving the lives of students in our community. School crashers program georgie. Ninety credit union school pressures program is an ongoing program that provides to ten through twelfth school. That last opportunity to receive school improvement grant. Tim created the learning environment for their students. This go ahead. This is an important announcement from our s injury. I'm dr ben. We are not magician. Customers may say we perform magic bringing tired. Ac systems defect refresh specs thanks to our rs. Andrews negga tuna. It's pretty magical mega not magic. It's a comprehensive exam of your tire system your evaporator inside your condenser outside and everything. In between that's how our andrews helped systems perform white the days. They were installed for just ninety. Nine dollars a seem like magic. It's really are cleaned screen trained in timely ours sanders tax casting a spell over your sister not casting any spell. Just kidding we've and check your thermostat we check every partier says keep it cooling all summer because it's not just a two rs andrews megaton just ninety nine dollars. Call week cool. All sung guarantee light magic not match. How can we make you smile. Today's ben he's where ours andrews com forgiven is facing fraud and forgery charges after officials from georgia insurance and safety fire commissioner. John f kings office claims she used forge accidental. Medical policy claims to fraudulent claims. She was thousands of dollars. Forty-one-year-old michelle lee jordan's faces one count of insurance fraud and one count of forgery. In the first degree stemming from a case out of foresight county this jordan's initiated an accidental medical policy claim for the maximum limit of ten thousand dollars in upon the investigation. It was discovered the medical documents were altered in pages amid portrayed at the incident took place on a later date than hospital records. Show out through ballgame out with a crowd buying a crack her jack. I don't care if i ever get one pitch softball. Tournament is scheduled for july tenth eleventh. Eleven park to raise funds for lawrenceville resident mardi par. He's been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is currently undergoing intense. Chemotherapy cost per team is two hundred dollars with. Us essay rules in force. There will also be a home. Run derby the cost ten dollars in the winner of the derby. You will then square off against softball. Power hitter scott king. The usa world team in two thousand four in brandon murray of the long haul bombers a trophy and a hat. Oh wait the hitter can best king amurri food raffle and silent auction items available. The funds raised the softball. Tournament will help hardy. His family with medical travel and other expenses state. Health officials are asking the federal government's permission to delay the implementation date limited georgia specific expansion of medicaid for at least a month and a letter dated june twenty-fourth state community health. Commissioner frank berry cited a decision during the early weeks of the biden administration to withhold approval of a georgia medicaid waiver application. Then president donald trump's administration signed off on last year by the center for medicare and medicaid services objected to provisions in the proposed pathways program requiring medicaid recipients to work attend school or volunteer at least eighty hours a month. Cms officials argued recipients have bitterly hard time complying with a work requirement during the pandemic governor. Brian camp rolled out. The limited medicaid expansion plan early in twenty nineteen is an alternative to the affordable care. Act the general assembly passed legislation later in two thousand nineteen authorizing the governor to submit to waiver applications to the feds. besides the medicare waiver. A second waiver would substitute a private sector alternative to the federal government's healthcare dot gov insurance exchange for more on this story visit daily post dotcom. Nearly four months after christie royston told the gwinnett county board. Registrations at election is that she planned to step down from her position as election. Supervisor elections board has picked a replacement of the last several months the members of the board of registrations and elections have been diligently working in a non partisan basis to fill the vacancy up the election. Supervisor for when that county this position is very important to the function or elections. It has been very time consuming. We evaluated several qualified. Individuals discussed their merit times. Very proud of the hard work. This sport has done on this matter. I am pleased to announce the members have unanimously. Agreed on a candidate has offered that candidate. The position and the candidate has accepted our offer. It is with the greatest pleasure. I announced today. That zach. Manifold cleveland ohio has been selected. Mr manifold has experienced all aspects of elections from within the elections office to being board elections board member to be deputy chief of staff for franklin county also management and communications and community services of franklin county. Mr manifold will take in late august elections or voted higher. Zach manifold to be new election supervisor during a cold virtual meeting monday. Mr manifold was the franklin county. Ohio elections board intern director for several months. Twenty sixteen and has been one of nine applicants who submitted credentials last december to fill that job permanently is also overseeing absentee voting in franklin county for march twenty fifth until march two thousand nineteen. It has been working in that counties. Auditor's office when he applied for its elections director job last year and wasn't elections board member and franklin county earned a bachelor's degree in political science from the ohio state university and serve as a legislative aide to an unnamed member of ohio's house of representatives prior to getting involved in franklin county government and elections. Welcome to sack when you're in the market for new home georgia united credit union is here to help we offer competitive rates. Low fees and flexible. Turn so you can be confident. You're getting the best home for your budget. We'll even cover up to five hundred dollars on the appraisal fee of your new home saving you even more money. Our home loan experts will guide you through the process finding the best loan solutions for your needs. We have up to one hundred percent financing and no money down options for qualified members. Unlock the door to your new home by visiting g you you dot. Org slash new home. Georgia united is an equal..

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