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Walk back to brown chicken brown cow sean looking back over there we have the high this is first time on camera thought we have missed laura spare time i to with don't face so that's awesome walking dona time friends don't time at the time of the show that we talk about everything that we've seen during this show and all the podcast and guests what we've learned for the entire for so let's go ahead and get started wow this has been really cool month of looking at people with disabilities different types of disabilities and that intersection of sexuality it's been amazing i mean good to talk pam haney who had a love say in terms of what's offered for people with mental or in electoral disabilities which we again learn four new terms intellectual physical emotional essential mental excuse sensual sensual i learned so much he said convincingly to the camera yeah no i think we talked about a lot of things i really liked our interview with crystal garcia some things she talked about in terms of body image in being athlete in being blind we're really really insightful do for the the athletic over the community wound for two are interesting while we talked to so many people this month that you haven't had chance go back to the beginning of the month and start over because you're gonna hear from eva sweeney she was a she's an adviser on a fantastic show called wasn't speechless can speechless my mouth soy we talk to andrew again i enjoy conversing with him he's fabulous and he had some great thoughts on being a sex and disability advocate and from the where kate has his guest so definitely check that out as well if you haven't already i hope for us back to the dope so so i guess i'm the one on the hanging tree here before we take it working fritter but but yeah we got to explore a lot of things this month around depression in sexuality that was really a really deep for me we are so got to see and yet before he's awesome performer like you should book him personally think he's seems like a really cool guy are you related he's like a distant cousin how would you will you go to end yes poetry dot com that is website i hear also i got to talk to him he's actually working on a hip hop musical yeah written by a local sacramento novelist hip hop artists yeah what's what's the topic of that museum depression and it said in a feudal japan and it's got like a hip hop vibe to it so it send the japan so to with the in the original production of it they actually use real swords and i was like we're not doing that and yes it was like we're not doing that this seem safe it seems to intrigue and yes we will need to check him out fester intrigue he'll probably be in the audience for that all mature until india bill said no absolutely we just have to check out the bbc bus room it's a cardboard taking everybody gets an olds aside and we just we all move together like florida's powder upgrade from the lunchbox that's a that we call the bc but gotta drive it's a living anyways back to disability ality other things welcome to derail radio i'm still stuck on the cardboard bus arable what did you learn today are you there she only did that because i have a mouthful of apple further so good though i learned never gonna have a mouth care of apple fritter around matt you hadn't learned that you we also had the 'cause we started adding these in a couple months ago puna really fun game show ed chaska back check it out it's just may really excessive as by far it was my favorite game show that we've done because i won that's the only reason also very informative i was really excited we got to make our own my favorite part of the a child yeah yeah changed every time my buzzer noise was hello my name is david it worked we're getting just lease sounded like a landing how is beautiful or something like that it was actually like a very uncomfortable look really i mean imagine sitting next to her uncomfortable working yeah like looking trying to hide yes yes bullet that graphic i don't know what's it's on the internet is directly to the internet for an uncomfortable wookey having a problem thank you dvr i'm gonna joy this one.

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