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Took whatever precautions and they stay wasn't even in like their mind that they would leave completely so so i have heard that too Whereas we were remote instantaneously overnight so without even thinking about it so it's funny but there was something i mean one thing that makes me laugh in america's dealers how insistence paying everything by check. Well it's long wrong with an online bank transfer and we gradually nudging clients today and some of them but there still a firearm checks coming through the door. You need facebook and someone to pick it up and someone to walk into the bank there are. There are some things that the financial system that means some kind of offices necessary at that. Rit where we did look. We renewed our lease during the time. That we've been out in vaden when we were deciding. Shoot we shouldn't be one of the big questions. We go to santa footprint hair because that deals with agency that deals with some communication so back-off is in europe. And yes we could put that somewhere else in the cloud but the advantage of having some in the office maintaining Laptops maintenance most of my is not all. Rit's potent teams are in your supporting our officers. Say the fact. They can put a laptop on a network and run some diagnostics. Diesel update. Sam is very useful. Got 'em i not that i'm talking to you. Now is about half an hour battery life. But i take the dog so i'm having another one built in the room next door but that wouldn't be possible without an office. We'd be mailing laptops and all kinds of crazy things in finding out there. Not property can say say there are definitely some practical advantages. The thing here as well. Yeah definitely without a doubt dom okay so changed up a little bit. what's new. What trends do you potentially see in the marketplace or with laws or with whatever's going on that you really see in the next let's say could be one year five years what's You know we can be a positive. It could be negative. But what is there anything. You're seeing that would affect your business and a negative or positive way that's gonna outside your control say i mean. Think adapted out a mo micro level among all this. Yeah instead of practising lawyer. And i roll my sleeves up..

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