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Drown joining pool time knowing are not elite jaw for the rocky's back in the first inning rockies at first and second nobody out and he struck out after that gonzales fielder's choice store got hit by a pitch and mike talk man struck out in that pits behind our charge clear there is a malay on the infield behind him he threw his helmet down ran toward the pitcher's mound was lockdown benches cleared here come the bullpens as well pump fires right in the middle this trying to heat piece boy nolan our nado and a j ls are the two principal combatants in terms of being held back right now after the initial confrontation with nolan and her domo but you just had that feeling it was gonna come down at some point oh yeah we had that feeling all right rockies radio on that call i'm not sure drowning or even does that justice because that was an all out bench clearing bullpen emptying punch throwing brawl that was not a bunch of fake tough guys acting apart those were guys looking for a piece a serious piece dudes looking to knock suckers the hell out starting with aaron auto maman was not out there for show my man was looking to break luis perdomo domo's face after perdomo through behind him and it was not the only guy padres catcher ha l s thirty seven years old a veteran more than ten thousand innings was out of his crouch like he was shot out of a cannon to chase after aaron auto and to protect his pitcher padres coach mark maguire was right in errand autos grill trying.

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